As part of her ideological war to reclaim the GOP for neocons, the now-deposed House leader falsely denied her role in a tale designed to block withdrawal from Afghanistan.
As a spate of progressive district attorneys takes office throughout the country, violent recidivism has some Philadelphians second-guessing their refo…
Ralph Cipriano
Real power over U.S. policy toward Israel and Gaza rests with Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Blinken -- not Yang. But AOC's function is to shield them…
Glenn Greenwald
How can you feign anger over others’ attacks on a free press when you imprison Assange as punishment for his vital revelations about U.S. officials?
Glenn Greenwald
Journalists with major outlets know they spread a false, retracted story about the FBI and Giuliani but refuse to remove it, because their real job is …
Glenn Greenwald
Equating accusations with proven fact is reckless and repressive. It is also standard behavior in liberal politics, whereby they ruin lives without a s…
Glenn Greenwald
Biden's claim that the Capitol Riot was the "worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War" is ahistorical garbage.
Siraj Hashmi
While Andrew Yang’s NYC mayoral campaign gains corporate backing, city progressives are bungling their chance to center the real issues.
Matthew Thomas
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