when I started reading this, I was thinking "what's his point, which side is he taking?"

I realized after reading through to the end, that this is what old-school reporting used to look like at places like "The New York Times, a former newspaper."

He extracts the key points that judges on both sides of the argument made, and presented them cogently.

Leaving his opinion to the end : 'this is just the start.'

I do have a beef about folks when they say "the pandemic caused businesses to be shut down." The state - not the virus - made decisions to shut down businesses. They designated certain businesses as 'essential,' with little exposure into the decision making process.

In my state, the gov decided that the state run alcohol stores were 'essential.' But not locally run bike shops which'd have tuned up old bikes, gotten folks outside and exercising.

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The bigoted rhetoric of Judge Donald is a perfect example of why the door to unconstitutional bigotry and racism should never have been opened in the first place via affirmative action. The cancerous notion that we should judge people differently based on the color of their skin is something that every decent, moral person should reject and abhor. The fraying fabric of our society is destined to be completely torn apart as more racists and woke zealots, like Judge Donald, find their way into positions of power.

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If you wanted to inspire a white identitarian reactionary movement, you could hardly do worse than close or restrict everyone's methods of livelihood by force and then only compensate non-whites.

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" . . . the ‘way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.’"

I've always felt this way ("If you want a color-blind society, be color-blind"), but just yesterday I read somewhere this very sentiment is an example of systemic white supremacy (along with having a conscience and principles and a strong work ethic).

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Interesting to see the impact on Vermont, which affirmatively denied the vaccines to white people.

Generally the strongest supporters of purely race-based preferences fall into one of two groups: economically privileged members of the newly racially privileged groups who are in it for the gibs, and whose rhetoric always references “centuries” of discrimination because they realize their pleas sound hollow coming out of their Beemer; and economically privileged suburban white women who don’t personally know any minorities who aren’t neurologists and stand to lose nothing from the law, but love to shrilly volunteer members of their ex-husbands’ race and gender to make the noble sacrifice.

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Interesting graph showing white Americans in the bottom third. Why are they not disadvantaged? What about poor whites? Why aren't they disadvantaged? We do have systemic racism and poor whites are the target.

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I am in shock. You mean they actually made a ruling based on the US Constitution? I would like to think this is a first step to ridding ourselves of the authoritarian/collectivist/statist rot that has besieged us- but that is probably wishful thinking on my part.

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I struggle to see where Judge Donald intellectually justifies her rationale around her decision that the government needs to act fast to remedy something she believes happened 200 years ago.

These type of people (Marxists) are very dangerous to America, particularly when they find their way to our court system.

Treat everyone equally and demand that every person born in America own their own agency.

After that, we do things based on merit.

Otherwise I'd be making $1,000,000 a year on Substack or be playing for the Lakers while Lebron James sat on the bench.

It's time for the memory of Sandra Day O'Connor to show itself to this country, otherwise this tribalism hiding in front of a very clear Marxist/Leninist movement has the potential to literally destroy the American Experiment.

While we may mock the French from time to time, right now they are to be admired. Let's look to them to solve that which ails America right now.

1) Macron himself has told Biden "You keep that CRT crap out of Europe." They invented Viva LaDifference and Liberte...and by golly...they mean it.

2) France doesn't slice and dice their population in 31 of your favorite flavors. You're either French or you're not French.

3) France's abortion laws are the model for us to use for our own resolution of these court cases. Abortion is legal in the 1st trimester and after that, you need some very compelling reasons to obtain an abortion. It doesn't make the far left or far right happy, but it solves the problem and empowers women to align their Reproductive Freedoms with Reproductive Responsibilities.

4) And let's not forget that without France stepping in.....George Washington and America itself would have died at Yorktown. We'd have 20 different nations across this North American continent, each with their own President and Army.

Let's stop this Intersectionality Bullshit.

After all, when you slice and dice it all the way down to the core, you end up with.....wait for it....

The Individual

God Bless America and God Bless those who sacrificed their lives in service of this nation over the past 244 years to make all this beauty, wonder and opportunity available to anyone who chooses to avail themselves to these opportunities.

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Besides showing whites doing poorly relative to other ethnic groups the graph sort of disproved the concept that POC are disadvantaged at all. Why are Indian Americans so successful if we are so rascist?

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Finally, a glimpse of sanity from the bench. What part of "equal protection" does the left not understand?

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I would suggest that Justice Donald have a short conversation with Thomas Sowell on how and why certain groups succeed, and why even if you "spread the wealth" to specific minorities, in the end it will make no long term difference.

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Democrats have always been, and continue to be racists. It is shocking to me that ANY bill this racist was passed. It is shocking to me that any judge with the faintest familiarity with the constitution could uphold it. We are in REAL TROUBLE. It seems the elites want a race war. It will not be pleasant.

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How ironic that the racial justice seeds sown throughout the Obama administration to supposedly create a garden of opportunity for historically oppressed people have instead resulted in a quagmire of reverse discrimination and ever-increasing racial and ethnic divisions.

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If we agree that any system will have flaws, then the obvious choice is to err on the side of equal treatment.

If I knew that one business was given special money because of the owner's race or gender, and their neighbor was given the shaft because of their skin color or gender, well, I'd go to the place that got screwed over by racism. I won't support that. I think these government programs will backfire.

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Every since the day President Biden was on TV talking about an EO that was to give special privileges to certain races based on ‘equity’ I have struggled to understand the sanity & legality of it. All I’ve ever known is that it was illegal to discriminate against people based on their race and or sex. That made perfect sense to me. I’m not an intellectual just a common person and I’m grateful to see the way this Judge decided this. It’s simply my opinion that equity is the opposite of equality. As far as I know our Constitution was based on equality. People called President Trump racist at times, but I never knew of him supporting any legislation that blatantly specified racism as the measure of assistance to anyone in the country. I hope the decision stands!

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Democrats are, and always have been, racist to the core.

They are the party of slavery, of Jim Crow, segregation and the KKK [1, 2].

When they lost the plantations, it took them awhile to recover, but starting with LBJ [3], they implemented what we in the reality-based community call The Quadruple Whammy, that has destroyed the black family, resulted in mass incarceration and unemployment of blacks, and created generational dependence upon government that has translated into an enormous constituency.

- Welfare, which penalizes marriage and rewards fecundity out of wedlock.

- Government "education", where the majority of graduates are illiterate and innumerate.

- Minimum wages, which price unskilled and uneducated blacks out of entry-level jobs.

- The War on Drugs, which has caged untold millions of blacks.

And of course, one might add that Dems have destroyed pretty much every city they've seized control of. Just look at Baltimore, Detroit, and Chicago where their ridiculous "gun control" nonsense has resulted in a never-ending murder spree in the black community, with many of the victims children. [4, 5]

The blinding hypocrisy of listening to Dems sanctimoniously blather on about "systemic racism" is just nauseating, when the combination of their policies has kept blacks uneducated, impoverished and imprisoned.

It defies belief that anyone, but particularly blacks, would ever vote Democrat. Malcom X knew the truth: “The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man." [6,7]

And here we are, again and as usual, with Dems favoring people based upon race. The racism is eternal, the only thing that changes is the race.

This is why many of us call the GOP the stupid party, but the Dems the evil party.


[1] Here is a picture of Biden in solidarity with Robert Byrd, founder of a KKK Klavern:


[2] Here is Tulsi Gabbard exposing Kamala Harris as a hypocrite and liar:


[3] I'll have them n****rs voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.

~ Lyndon B. Johnson, speaking to two governors about his true motivations regarding his support of civil rights legislation, while aboard Air Force One, as described in Ronald Kessler's book, Inside the White House.

[4] https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/chicago-children-killed-by-gun-violence-highlighted-in-white-house-press-briefing/ar-BB16A0Hw

[5] But of course, Dems have no problem killing children. No more proof is needed than President Corn Pop nominating the psychopathic David Chipman to head the ATF goon squad. This monster was involved with the Waco massacre where the Feds killed some 82 people, including 25 children, burning them alive.

[6] https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/8869214-the-white-liberal-is-the-worst-enemy-to-america-and

[7] Malcolm X on Liberals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjS0ZVa8oyI

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