Glenn - new subscriber today (saw you with Tucker Carlson). As a conservative voter, I support your new venture, not because your story is critical or suspicious of Biden, but because we need more talented journalists willing to just investigate possible corruption and inform the public. I also support Matt Taibbi for the same reason. The last line of your article sums it up best for me.

"The whole point is that the press loses its way when it cares more about who benefits from information than whether it's true."

Good luck, I hope you find this new path rewarding professionally and financially.

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Glen, I just paid for a subscription so that I can say this one FACT. The PODESTA EMAILS WERE NOT THE RESULT OF A HACK.

Please stop reporting this nonsense. The cover story was all part of the plan (approved by HRC) to shift attention to a Trump-Russia collusion narrative that has always been fiction. Guccifer 2.0 was created out of this same scheme. The meta data on the files prove that it's impossible that those emails were hacked, they had to be downloaded on a local device (thumbdrive most likely).

The FISA Abuse, the spying on Trump, The plan to implicate collusion, the Flynn frameup, the Impeachment, The Mueller investigation were not the base crimes, those were all part of a cover up. By you insinuating that the DNC server got hacked (which there is zero evidence for), you are wittingly or unwittingly complicit in perpetuating the lie that it was. You're missing a much, much bigger story here. The biden laptop isn't even the tip of the icebeg here.

Ask yourself this; "Why would dozens of high level DOJ, FBI, CIA and Whitehouse officials in the Obama Administration put their careers on the line and commit literally hundreds of felonies all in an effort to obstruct/neutralize Trump?" That is first question any true journo should be asking right now.

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I paid for a subscription precisely because I believe that, despite what you may or may not personally believe, you don't allow it to influence your pursuit of the truth. I want the truth - nothing less and nothing more.

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Personally, having read your work going back to Cato Institute and Volokh, I'm happy you're independent and I can directly fund you. I'm willing to throw even more money at your projects. Consider crowdfunding video documentary teams and other large projects. Your following after all of this is going to be as large as ever.

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Besty Reed's remarkably pissy response to your leaving tells me everything I nedd to know.

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Just signed up to your site, even though I'm a conservative, because integrity transcends ideology--or at least it ought to. Go get 'em Glenn.

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Glad to support you, Glen. Our politics might differ, but I know you're honest. That's next to impossible to find in journalism these days. I'd noticed a change in "The Intercept" and had stopped reading it. Now I know why.

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I just paid for an annual subscription out of a total frustration with the current outrageous, unfair, evil and dishonest media situation in the US (and elsewhere also). Totalitarism is approaching and I have decided to participate in the fight against the threatening darkness. Good luck.

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Four years ago I was railing against Hillary Clinton on Facebook without any censoring.

Tonight I watched an interview Tucker Carlson did with Glenn Greenwald regarding the Hunter Biden/Joe Biden scandal and Tucker showed a poll revealing that 51% of those polled believe this scandal is “Russian Disinformation” with ZERO evidence.

Why do those being polled believe this? Because the bulk of the MSM they watch have told them so and the major tech platforms have ALL censored the pertinent information so there is NO debate amongst the electorate. All of this less than one week from our national election.

With Facebook and Twitter and Google’s and the bulk of the MSM’s heavy fingers on the scales of public information there are only two words to describe this:


And this with over 70 million voters already having cast their ballots!

Regardless of the outcome next Tuesday, these tech/media corporations should ALL be brought down at least to the point where they can never be allowed to interfere in another American election again, regardless of the higher-ups personal political preferences.

And this is the system the war-mongering DNC wants to “spread around the world” with their “regime change wars”?!

No thank you.

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New founding member. I dislike about half of your stuff, which is exactly why I like you, because you write to bring the truth as you see it, with emphasis on the truth part.

And I subscribed because of your willingness to take a stand for what should be a core value for all journalists.

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I became a fan of yours when I was in law school at UC Hastings in 2003. Your the best, for sure. But fuck...

I got to be honest...I'm glad the press is ignoring this story. There's just too much at stake. Biden might be losing his edge, his family might be trading in his name, but who gives a shit? The alternative is worse by light years.

And yeah, I don't trust the "people" out there to get it right. The "people" are rubes. Those idiots voted for this piece of shit once before, they'll do it again, in a heartbeat.

More importantly, you really want to do Rudy Giuliani's work for him? I don't know, I don't get it...why so eager to make the campaign's case for them? It's not a rhetorical question. I just don't get it.

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Thank you for your integrity Mr. Greenwald. Although our politics don’t align, I appreciate your honest reporting throughout the years. I just became a subscriber on substack to show my support. I also unliked the intercept on FB and know that others are doing the same and will encourage all my friends to support your new endeavor. Best of luck.

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I’ll enjoy reading your content for the next year knowing that there is at least one journalist who can be trusted to be fair. Well done.

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The relevant commandment of honest journalism, the kind of journalism that serves society best and is of enduing value, is simple: "Follow the facts, where ever they lead." Doing otherwise is dishonest, no matter the reason. Glenn practices this. The fact that he's now being condemned by too many of his colleagues is a tragedy.

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Glenn, I'm as Conservative as they come, but I also respect facts. I disagree with your politics, but absolutely respect your honesty, fairness, and relentless quest for the truth. Happy to lend my support, now and in the future.

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The saddest thing of all in this is that very little of Glenn's excellent article is new. From my perspective the claim that "my son and I never discussed his business dealings" was never credible. I'm not sure a single, non-estranged father and son would ever hit that mark.

Nor is it surprising that Hunter was trading off of his family name. Many people do that, particularly many people related to important people in DC. This is true in both parties and it's not all that surprising.

As Glenn and Matt have both said, the surprising part is the coordinated attempt to pretend that this isn't somehow true for Biden.

And I think Glenn's insight near the end is the real root cause. The major media outlets are desperate not to be blamed if Biden should somehow lose...they care about that more than anything else I think, even more than ratings/clicks, at least at the moment.

Actually, the saddest thing is that Glenn seems to have lost a business he founded...but the willing blindness of an industry supposedly about illumination is a close second.

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