Let's look at a few things: worst pandemic - a manufactured crisis that was mostly solved before he took office; worst economy - only bad because of government overreach in shutting down the economy; worst attack on our democracy - that's the most laughable. The riot was "kindergarten" level stuff; Biden would freeze with terror if an attack on our democracy was carried out by even a JV team in comparison.

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There is one fact about January 6th that renders all the outrage bullshit, and I can't believe it gets so little attention. That fact: some of the Capitol Police let the protesters in.

Unpack that. Imagine ANY protest that might happen at the Capitol -- BLM, anti-war, pro-Trump, climate change, etc. -- and ask yourself what would happen if the police stepped aside and said "come on in!"

Some people would go in. Always.

There you have it. This one fact, that police INVITED people to come in, is both necessary and sufficient to create a so-called "insurrection." It would lead to the outcome we saw every time, with every protest, for any passionate cause.

Now if protesters came in with guns and started shooting police or members of Congress, then you would not have the conditions necessary and sufficient to create THAT outcome. But that didn't happen. What did happen would happen in any similar case. People running around, cheering, and generally not knowing what to do with themselves. And eventually leaving or getting arrested.

In short, this was MANUFACTURED. The police hold 100% responsibility for the fact that the Capitol was overrun by a handful of protesters from a large group of protesters who decided to take the police up on their invite. Their actions created the basis for sweeping narrative change, new security protocols, and novel legislation on domestic terrorism that we know was already being considered in the background, just waiting for a casus belli.

This begs the question: did anyone who wanted this justification have any role in the Capitol Police decision to invite in the rabble?

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The entire speech was riddled with lies. Perhaps not coincidently, the Bezos news daily, err, sorry, the Washington Post, signaled that they would not be fact-checking Joe Biden. Apparently his honesty is too great for words. We are entering a very dangerous time for our democracy where all of the major cultural institutions, corporate media at their head, have united to eradicate conservative thought from the public square.

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I'm surprised you left out the massive riots over many months prior to the January 6th riot where billions in damage were done as cities burned and dozens were killed. And why did you particularly not find it fit to mention the riots at Lafayette Park which forced the secret service to move the President to a bunker. Dozens of Secret Service Agents and security men were injured. Why is that attack on the White House a lesser transgression than breaking into the Capitol Building during an out of control protest? And, in addition to Officer Sicknick's media murder fantasy, I find it outrageous that Ashlii Barrett's murderer was never even been charged with a crime for shooting an unarmed woman in the neck at point blank range, a woman who was on the other side of a wall where there were tons of other options available to prevent her ingress. Why is that not an outrage? Why have dozens of non-violent trespassers from January 6th been held in solitary confinement and without opportunity for bail? Why have their attempts to raise bail money been blocked by Big Tech? Why are people who supported the protest in DC being arrested, persecuted and censored? Why were Rudy Guiliani's electronic devices taken by the FBI as clear political retaliation for him digging up dirt on Hunter Biden? What kind of totalitarian, tyrannical dystopian nightmare are we living in? Is this the end for America?

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The “worst attack” on our democracy actually was January 6th, but it wasn’t caused by the mob OUTSIDE the capitol... it was caused by the “political gangsters” inside the Capitol, who using the events of that day as a rouse to investigate and punish their political opponents...

See today’s DOJ announcement on “white supremacy” as domestic terrorists... they all happen to be Trump voters and the FBI raid on another one of Trump’s lawyers. Name another politician/change agent the Deep State has gone after harder than Trump.

Maybe Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva...

These are marxists in Action...and they want blood, not justice...

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Biden makes Trump look truly honest.

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And creating no-fly-lists for people not charged with any crime is likely unconstitutional and probably illegal.

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You left out one of the biggest: Joe Biden promising to withdraw billions in loan guarantees from Ukraine unless a prosecutor who was investigating his son's company was fired. This one has been hiding in plain sight for anyone to see -- long before Trump ever asked Ukraine to look into it. It's right there on the Council of Foreign Relations video, where Joe Biden brags about doing exactly what I've described. And, now what is this criminal doing? He's further weaponizing the DOJ to go after Rudy Giuliani. Why? Because Giuliani had the audacity to start turning over these rocks. If you're looking for the biggest threat to our Democracy, you'll find it at the DOJ.

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I'm so thankful for this comprehensive, well reasoned rebuttal to an almost astonishing attempt to continue to divide rather than unite Americans. No one can or should deny that the Jan. 6 overrun of the capitol was a disturbing, alarming, sad, and embarrassing event. But the "worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War?" Ridiculous, seemingly intentionally divisive, and completely false.

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There is, of course, another major and historic crime in progress in which both Joe Biden but also Jim Acosta types, play a leading role.

Despite of Glenn’s, Aaron’s, Max’s and Matt's and of many others' years of debunking, the scam of the century – the Russia-gate hoax, now in its 5th-year and ongoing -- that major crime is not even is not even acknowledged yet since its major players (Biden, Pelosi, Schumer) sits in power. Now that incompetent and dangerous Trump is gone it will be addressed – hopefully very fast. The suspense is:

WHO will be the first current or former Democrat Congresswoman/man or Senator to publicly acknowledge and confirm the scam of the century -- the Russia-gate conspiracy – concocted by Hillary-Obama-Biden? There is no possibility of "unity and healing" in the US until that.

Most of "our" representatives are millionaires, some even billionaires, especially among “hidden” but controlling DNC oligarchs – some might be tempted to confirm the obvious truth, many of their family members or close friends or lovers might provide detailed testimonies, etc.

My personal hope is that heroic Tulsi Gabbard might state it, now that despicable Trump has defeated himself and is gone. Her brilliant and epic response after Hillary criminally called her -- “Russia’s asset” is still ringing in my ears:

“Great! Thank you @HillaryClinton . You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain. From the day I announced my candidacy, there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. We wondered who was behind it and why. Now we know — it was always you, through your proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media and war machine, afraid of the threat I pose. It’s now clear that this primary is between you and me. Don’t cowardly hide behind your proxies. Join the race directly”.

By far the highest interest of Biden government and its oligarch cabal is that Russia-gate immense hoax – the scam of the century -- will NOT / will NEVER be fully exposed. The entire anti-Russian fairytale is a deliberate fabrication -- the worst scam in US history is DNC/CIA Russia-gate hoax. They lost to a TV host and instead of reflection, they latched onto a moronic conspiracy theory -- this includes the completely (proven) false accusations that Russia gave WikiLeaks Hillary's emails (hence the TOTAL silence on Assange persecution and torture). The publisher of our century and the leading free speech advocate, Julian Assange must be silenced -- ALL the plotters/players agree...

There has been collusion between media, Democrat party, Hi-Tech companies and the deep state (CIA, FBI, NSA) for now five years. The Russia-gate hoax and impeachment “entertainments” were concocted by Obama, Hillary, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Maxine Waters, Jamie Raskin, etc. and their intelligence and DNC executives on behalf of their Wall Street and military industry donors. That lying war-mongering team is now back in power – note that Kamala Harris (and her sister) and Neera Tanden are Hillary's protégés; Pete Buttigieg was promptly rewarded for his role of election theft in Iowa, etc.

Remember, Clapper, Brennan & Hayden trio were among Obama's 50 intelligence officials stating that Hunter-laptop is -- a classical “Russian disinformation”.

-- They were also key promoters of the by now five-year Russia-gate hoax.

-- They were also key intelligence executives in Obama/Biden/Hillary government – the government which hunted Snowden (forcing Bolivian plane with Bolivia’s president to land to search it) and armed Al Qaeda (including brazen “white helmets” hoax) and staged ALL chemical attacks in Syria to remove its government.

When asked about Hunter's corruption laptops - Pelosi brazenly stated "All roads lead to Putin"; commenting on Capitol invasion Schumer said - "worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11"...

Lying Russia-gate team is fully back in power and working at full speed -- massive censorship is mandatory for them to preserve power..

WHO among Democrat politicians will be the first whistleblower, demolish the silence and misinformation barrier, and confirm what most of the population already knows for years -- the Russia-gate hoax is the largest crime against democracy in the US..

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It is ridiculous. The capital riot was just that - a riot of unruly assholes drunk on Trump's moronic rhetoric. But to refer to it as anything more is laughable ("insurrection!", "attempted coup", etc. - please!).

The worst economy? WTF - have we forgotten 2008?

Thank you for this calm, reasoned appraisal.

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Jim “Abilio” Acosta gets moist every time he gets to say “Insurrection”.

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Shouldn't the Oklahoma bombing of federal building in 1995, 168 dead, be part of this list? Or perhaps the list's parameters exclude it.

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He tried very had to make himself look good because Lord knows he needs the help very badly. I'll give him credit for a very earnest delivery though. 50 years of pandering and lying gives you mad skills in the areas of deceit.

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Thanks for the superb summary. I feel compelled to assert that your characterization of Trump’s call to Zelensky is simply not accurate, and request that you provide the quotes from the call transcript you think are evidence of quid pro quo.

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Let's cut through all the rhetoric, shall we? There was no "insurrection" on January 6th, 2021:the protest was a challenge to the results of the 2020 election, given so many anomalies and unexplained "after hours" shenanigans, that anyone not brainwashed by mainstream media would question. A Capital police officer (who remains unnamed) shot to death an unarmed protester coming through a window: the inside of the Capital rotunda was surrounded by both spectators, law enforcement, and suspected Antifa disguised as Trump supporters.

Those who entered the Capital (save for those already inside of it) did not "storm" the building - they were "waved in" by law enforcement from the outside. This whole affair has "Reichstag Fire" written all over it: how very convenient that following the so-called "siege", the members of Congress decided to overlook the volumes of evidence supporting the idea that our election was manipulated by both inside AND outside actors, and hastily confirmed Joe Biden as POTUS. The MSM told us, in essence, "Screw Gateway Pundit, screw Project Veritas, Screw National File, Mike Lindell, etc, then sold us the whopper of a lie that one of the least popular Presidential tickets in modern history scored a victory over Trump, with numbers that well exceeded that of former POTUS Barack Obama.

The hypocrisy of crying "election interference" in 2016 is more evidence of how gaslighting from the Left leads to a surfeit of misinformation and outright deception. So we're to believe that the only interference happened in 2016, and not in 2020 (heck, or in 2000 for that matter)? Do we delude ourselves further about how US military intelligence has done more than merely interfere in the elections of countries, both Democratically elected, and by executive fiat? Does Grenada, Nicaragua, Argentina or Cuba ring a bell?

Our alleged 'partisanship' is the real threat to Democracy, abetted by those who say that our fundamental liberties (and the Constitution itself) are not 'absolute.' The language may be up for interpretation, but not the message - the Founding Fathers made it very clear why we needed a Bill of Rights and a Constitution to keep our republic from devolving into an oligarchic fiefdom. The conservative/libertarian witchhunt is worse than our remorseful interment of both German and Japanese Americans during wartime. The history currently being written could very well signal the death knell for everything the USA represents, warts and all. That Biden's speech would tacitly and surreptitiously suggest a more toward autocratic rule should send a chill up everyone's spine, regardless of party affiliation

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