It is perfectly obvious to anyone that has paid a modicum of attention to the Jan 6 issue that far more is at play than meets the eye. Numerous requests prior to the event for an additional police force and national guard activation were rejected by the civilian command structure. Social media companies were actively feeding information to law enforcement about what was being planned by conspirators. We also know that the FBI extensively monitors social media through a variety of agents and tools. There is a zero percent probability that they did not have assets on the ground (if they didn't, it would be gross incompetence). So the remaining question is what exactly was their role in the lead-up to the event and the day of the event?

We cannot count on the established political players who have vested political and financial interests in the security state and its expansion to be the investigators of the January 6th events. The current task force established by Pelosi exists for two reasons - first is to try to pin guilt by association on her political enemies. Second, it is to whitewash what really occurred the pretense of thoroughness. While I don't necessarily trust Republicans to fight the burgeoning police state that is upon us, kicking the ones who will ask hard questions off the committee exposes exactly what the purpose of the committee is and it is not a search for truth and openness.

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I haven't been able to understand why literally no one has pointed out that there was no crime here at all and these people are in legal jeopardy for "conspiring" to do something, which was initiated apparently by FBI informants. This is some serious minority report shit, thoughtcrime.

So much for a free country. People who believe that are on crack. The totalitarian state is here.

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The DOJ and in particular the FBI have been in a steady downward spiral for decades. In the 90’s they were freely assassinating women and children at Ruby Ridge and Waco, targeting and destroying the clueless Richard Jewel, all the while completely failing to stop or even remotely impede the 9/11 terrorists of whom they had ample intelligence.

Post 9/11 saw them begin actively manufacturing cases as Glenn adroitly spells out while continuing to absolutely fail at their defined mission – flesh out and stop actual criminals perpetrating their own organically motivated crimes. Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, and Pulse night club come immediately to mind, where they once again had valuable intelligence yet declined to act upon it resulting in the deaths of a multitude of innocent Americans.

What we are witnessing today however is the fetid legacy of the Obama/Holder DOJ. They successfully transformed this already compromised – and fearsome – component of the U.S. government into a band of hyper-partisan spies, enforcers, and thugs. An American Stasi. The still-going Russiagate fiasco being their crowning achievement. While they failed at taking Trump down, Trump’s regrettable choice of not one but two feckless AG’s failed to reign in the growing abuse of power.

And now we have Obama 2.0. Can anyone really feign surprise that we are where we are?

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It all makes sense now. How many times has something horrible happened (mass shootings, 9-11, etc) and we learn of the Feds having advance warning or indication that something was afoot, and yet nothing was done to avert it. The system is designed to allow horrors to happen, because they result in the fear and panic and budget padding for the security state. Not wanting to look completely useless and the budget producing no results, they have to manufacture their superficial successes, while turning a blind eye to actual threats. The incentives are all misdirected, producing a federal security system that’s by definition hostile to the population.

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The FBI has become a partisan Democrat crime syndicate.

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Among the many disturbing things pointed out in this article is how Trump and his administration could have found, vetted and appointed Christopher Wray among the many mistakes they made in their appointments. While I voted for trump and agreed with most of his policies I think he will surround himself with the same misguided ilk who will make similar mistakes(or purposefully done) again. We need someone who will CLEAN HOUSE, create a Church type commission to flush out all the bad apples that are not summarily fired on day one of a new Republican administration. And tear down the corrosive, insidious forces that now run a shadow unelected government that threatens our democracy. From the military to the State department to all the security agencies, enough is enough.

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The FBI, forever, destroyed its own credibility when it refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

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All of this makes me realize how naive I was in the past accepting headlines about terrorist plots.

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This is another exam for chickens coming home to roost. American citizenry (mainly right wing) were fine when their beloved FBI was doing this to Muslims and now the left wing citizenry are fine that it is being done to right wing citizenry. Going with this logic, left wingers (like me) are next one on the chopping block, however I can't se way out of this. This reminds me of that German saying that "I didn't speak and then they come after me", but more of "when they came after Muslims I screamed, but nothing changed, then they did right wingers and I till screamed and warned everyone, but nothing changed, then they came after me at which point I was too tired to fight back". The Mfers (FBI, CIA and such) can literately get away with anything, so what can we do about it? Even those Jan 6 people are mostly clueless and harmless idiots, but they are being hounded as antichrists and public just watches.

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Someone like me, who is from Hong Kong knows exactly what's mean by domestic terrorism. It is the tactic loved by tyrants. To tyrants, "domestic terrorists" means people who disagree with the tyrants. For tyrants, they don't afraid of violence. Indeed tyrants will orchestrate violence so as to achieve their ugly agenda.

Take an incident in HK as an example. In June 9, 2019, there was Anti-Extradition Law Demonstration in HK. Two days before June 9, 2019, that is on June 7, there was a guy throwing gas bomb at police car and drove away. The next day police trying to horrify HK people of domestic terrorism and urging HK people not to come out to demonstrate on June 9.

However, car cams recorded the police car stopped at an intersection for a few second, waiting for the guy to threw gas bomb at it. Of course, the gas bomb missed the police car. After the guy threw the gas bomb, he drove away and the police didn't even bother to chase after the car. A lot of HK people believe the so-called "terrorist" attack on police car was indeed orchestrated by HK police (HK police is indeed China Communist Party police).

Please watch the following YouTube link. The YouTube video last for less than 1 minute. You can see how tyrant (China Communist Party) created "domestic violence" to serve its evil purpose.


(This youtube recorded HK police orchestrated "domestic terrorist" from different angles.)

Given Joe Biden nickname is China Biden, I am not surprised China Biden and his allies (Democratic Party) doing what China Communist Party love and good at, that is, creating so-called "domestic terrorism' so as to achieve their dirty goals.

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The FBI has always used their good guy image with the media to cover for routine criminal behavior. These are the same tactics they pulled with the Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January of 2016 where over a third of those involved were undercover FBI agents trying to convince the other 2/3rd to commit a crime, but that all occurred before President Trump was in office and the right still worshipped the FBI as a group of vallorious truth tellers out to save America.

Most Western countries make Stings Operations illegal for just this reason. Whether it's some local cop running a prostitution or drug sting, or a federal agent running a terrorist sting, you inevitably end up in a position where the police are driving the actual crime. This works in the US because prosecutors control all the evidence and can hide from the jury the level of involvement the government had. Judges almost always comply declaring anything that hurts the governments case "Irrelevant."

If this goes to trial, the prosecutor and judge will suppress any information about the governments involvement in this and they will be convicted. It's not about the truth or justice. It's about winning at all costs and lying and cheating to do it.

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This might explain why the FBI has missed actual terrorist plots (such as Fort Hood, Boston Marathon, Orlando Pulse Nightclub, the San Bernardino attack and 9/11, to name a few off the top of my head). They are too busy creating their own plots.

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The FBI plot is the same as it has been for 5 years…

…stop Trump

We ARE living in an Intelligence State being run through the FBI, DOJ and the CIA…

…with help of the US Military

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It strikes me that the FBI might only be good at busting their own plots.

Makes me wonder how they'll handle... you know... actual threats?

I'm sure it'll be equal parts hilarious and tragic.

Not incidentally, does anyone have Armando Iannucci's number? I've got a pitch for him.

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FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, State Dept Bureau of Intel, AF Intel, Army Intel, DOE Intel, Coast Guard Intel, Treasury Office of Intel, DEA, USMC Intel, Nat Geo-Spatial Intel, Office of Naval Intel, DHS, DNI

And that's the ones we know about. All of them bureaucracies competing for power and influence with each other and in general. J Edgar Hoover created the model, keep files on anyone and everyone that could threaten your budget or authority and use them. Now it's full on propaganda campaigns and a willingness to sacrifice unwitting dupes to the federal prison system in order to survive and thrive. And we think there may be some intact ethics at these organizations that makes them salvageable? Pfffftttt....

*waves at Feds*

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"To begin with, FBI press releases are typically filled with lies, yet media outlets — due to some combination of excessive gullibility, an inability to learn lessons, or a desire to be deceived — continue to treat them as Gospel." (Greenwald). Another possibility is they're either instructed or paid to "treat them as Gospel." The national security state and the media have a long history of "working together" to their mutual benefit (i.e. "scoops" from "credible sources"), that are in truth, incredible. When I worked as a detective for the defense we called our defense strategy an "agency defence"; the government were agents to the alleged crime. Hollywood's glorification of police and the FBI agents over the last 70 years helps the public swallow their propaganda.

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