“Trump is a fascist!” says the party that has DC under military occupation, controls all levers of power in society, is censoring dissent on social media and news media, and is actively working to ban private ownership of firearms.

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Thank you for your courage Glenn. As someone who grew up in the USSR I can understand the consequences of being this honest.

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This censorship stuff scares the crap out of me. It is the single most important reason I cannot vote for Democrats possibly ever again. Very very sad. The American experiment has failed.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. What is all boils down to is that you cannot have a functional, self-governed democracy filled to the brim with stupid and ignorant people. We have raised generations of people who completely lack the ability to think critically. People incapable of understanding the world except through the crudest, most binary lens. Those who were raised and conditioned since birth to mindlessly absorb and regurgitate propaganda. Only now the propaganda comes from everywhere. There is no centrally controlled narrative, carefully constructed and implanted into the brains of the plebes. The power-that-be who successfully shepherded the ignorant US masses for more than a century lost the narrative reigns with the rise of the internet and social media. This whole censorship campaign is an effort to once against seize those reigns - to control the narrative completely. The DC duopoly, their intelligence agency handlers and their media mouthpieces are united in the effort to silence all dissenting voices with as much force as necessary. The rise of Trump was a shot across their bow (no matter how successful they were in controlling and neutering him). The establishment isn't going to take the chance that the "next Trump" is someone who is actually competent, intelligent and capable of actually challenging their agenda and control. Absolute control and absolute power is their only concern, even if it means discarding the fig leaf of freedom and democracy that has been conveniently deployed in the past.

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So, now I can view someone killing themselves online or incest porn for free but I can't view Fox news? Like being able to go to Walmart but not Church, able to eat McDonald's but not my mom and pop Italian place. Wow, I'm so relieved these concerned politicians are really working so hard to protect me!

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The Eshoo/McNerney letter stripped of pretensions:

America’s airwaves are now filled with bullshit, and we here in Congress don’t like the competition. Inspired by unapproved bullshit, everyday people are storming our offices and killing grandparents in droves, yes, even Andrew Cuomo did this. So, mister CEO bigshot, what are you going to do about it? Huh?

We disapprove of bullshitting right-wingers whose bullshit is the complete opposite of our totally righteous bullshit. We need to seriously unify our bullshit! Enough division. It’s time for a shared consensual reality of True Blue American Bullshit. This means ending all those right wing bullshit news stations. We hate them. They spread unapproved bullshit at an exponential rate, like the virus. Online platforms are fucking these fuckers over as fast as they can, but you TV CEOs have to do your part. OR ELSE.

Answer these questions ASAP, and answer them correctly—OR ELSE:

1. Why won’t you take these guys off the air? They are losers and we are the principled winners, right here behind these 12 foot steel fences topped with razor wire.

2. You do have written guidelines for taking people off the air, don’t you? Well, cough ‘em up ASAP. If not we will provide you with guidelines.

3. How many people tuned in to Fox, Newsmax, and OANN in the four weeks before the November 3, 2020 elections and the January 6, 2021 trauma? Tell us how many tuned in to each channel, and give us their names and addresses. And don’t ask us why four weeks. MYOB.

4. What did you do during those same time periods to cut the bullshit on your platform? Be precise you fucker.

5. How have you punished the bullshitters— or haven’t you yet? Again, be specific and precise you bastard.

6. Have you ever punished a bullshitter? Tell all, prick.

7. If you aren’t planning to banish the bullshitters like Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN immediately or at least not renew their contracts, why not? If you’re not careful you too will end up in the Bullshit Bin of History.

With all the juvenile contempt and high dudgeonish indignation we can muster—thanks to our staff who are in their late 20s and early 30s—yours sincerely,

Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerney

PS We are both ancient and mostly just sign stuff the kids write. LOL!

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The great concern is NOT that this is happening...

It is that more and more people are becoming very comfortable with the idea.....

This is the logical extension of “safe spaces” in civil society...

The scary part is that the prospects of this change anytime soon are flatly ZERO... it will only intensify...

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They continue to repeat over and over "armed insurrection" - but it wasn't. The Democrats want to continue the "cabal" of influence that they mounted during the election to control the narrative and shut down dissent. The problem was they gaslighted Americans and Americans saw. We saw the man pull back the curtain with our own eyes: COVID panic and mask shaming during lockdown, then the Floyd protests decided oh it's okay to gather in massive groups as long as you're wearing masks. That became the forced truth. The "cabal" made sure it was. They also controlled the narrative around the protests, insisting they were covered as "mostly peaceful" with much of the horrific violence left in their wake the purview of Fox News. Now they can just say it was "disinformation." But Americans SAW. They saw the disconnect. They saw the gaslighting. Now, the desire to shut down alternative information sources leaving the gaslighters as the only source is where the sense of panic and fear is coming from among those who disagree with this massive overreach into authoritarianism. What a mess.

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Speaking of conspiracies, consider the indisputable facts surrounding the Sicknick murder hoax: (1) Sicknick was a Capitol Hill police officer, so the Capitol Hill police necessarily knew he wasn't beaten to death by a fire extinguisher; (2) The Capitol Hill police are literally employees of Congress itself, so Congressional leaders also obviously knew that he wasn't beaten to death; (3) The NYT has easy access to everything Congressional Democrats know, so it also knew or could easily confirm that Sicknick was not murdered. Yet . . .

(4) The NYT published its fake story anyway, per anonymous "people close to" the police; (5) The Democrats cited the NYT's fake story as their only "evidence" of the murder in their official impeachment briefs, despite it being inadmissible hearsay and that (if the facts were true) they could have easily submitted a sworn affidavit or report from the Capitol Police themselves.

Thus, any unbiased observer would have to conclude that the NYT and Congressional Democrats colluded to plant a fake story precisely so they could cite it as support for the "deadly insurrection" hoax (aka unarmed protesters being let inside, walking between the velvet ropes, and taking selfies).

And what about the one actual murder -- Ashli Babbitt? Her killer is apparently a state secret. Although, once again, it's obviously known to both Congress and the NYT.

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Thank you Glenn. There is a huge elephant in the room:

The scam of the century - the now 5-year long Russia-gate hoax initiated by Obama/Biden administration

The Russia-gate hoax and Ukraine-impeachment “entertainment” was concocted by Obama/Hillary/Biden/Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Maxine Waters, Jamie Ruskin, etc., etc. and their intelligence and DNC executives on behalf of their Wall Street and military industry donors, i.e., the imperial War party

By far the highest interest of Biden government and its DNC cabal is that Russia-gate immense hoax – the scam of the century -- will NOT / will NEVER be exposed. Hence obligations to primary propagandists for their roles, including despicable Kamala Harris (Hillary’s protégé), Neera Tanden, Melissa Hodgman (wife of the Comey’s infamous Peter Strzok), Pete Buttigieg, etc,

Who will be the first Democrat Congressman or Senator to publicly confirm the Russia-gate conspiracy? There is no "unity and healing" until this...

Massive censorship and silencing is a sign of utter desperation of DNC corrupt leadership

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“We have given you a Free Republic if you can keep it” That is the hard part, especially when elected officials who swore an oath to protect the Constitution break their oath by demanding censorship from the media, which is a clear violation.

The actions by these Democrats are unconstitutional and unlawful. They are breaking the laws of this country, which classifies them as criminals. Are we as a nation are willing to accept that? If we are, it will be the end of our constitutional republic, and the end of our freedom. It is time to make a stand.

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Hello Glenn,

I have produced several award-winning documentaries on the plight of America’s wild horses and the environmental devastation occurring on western public lands. In 2011 my investigative film Wild Horses & Renegades received Best Documentary Feature/Audience Award ITN Film Fest, International Wildlife Film Festival Special Mention in Investigative Journalism, Cinematography and Top10 Overlooked Gems of 2011 - BlogCritics.org In addition two of my films have screened before legislative staff on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. Despite numerous awards the film was basically black listed by the Obama administration. In addition David Holbrooke the son of politician Richard Holbrooke made personal threats towards me to stop my investigation into the Bureau of Land Management. This was in 2008 when Richard Holbrooke was swinging from his position at AIG to the Obama team. I was filming a documentary on why America’s Wild Horses were being eradicated from public lands in South Western Colorado on the Uravan Uranium deposits. Over the course of time it was revealed that the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One where putting together a deal using Public Lands. Needless to say my film and I became the target of censorship. After years of harassment from the Department of Interior and Bureau of Land Management I decided to take them to court. Kleinert vs. Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It was revealed that BLM had conducted surveillance of my personal life since 2007. BLM had refused to release most of those documents and had severely redacted others. After a long legal battle to enforce BLM’s compliance with FOIA, the Agency finally produced the documents. BLM had dug deep into my private life, looking for anything with which to discredit me and my work. My lawsuit set a precedent that can be used by any citizen seeking information per FOIA. The level of censorship and discrimination by the U.S. Government and their corporate controlled media associates was nothing less than appalling. My book No Country for Truth Tellers reveals this disturbing story. Our new film Mustangs & Renegades sheds light on the matter as well: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mustangsrenegades

Thank you for standing strong Glenn!

James Anaquad Kleinert

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I agree with pretty much everything Glenn laid out here.

So... what do we do?

Seriously, what do we do? The fact-finding and research is over: there is a clear, concerted attack on our rights and minds being orchestrated by a technoligarchy that is no better than The Party from "1984." They are doing this for power, they are doing this for control. And they know damn well what they are doing. They lie to our faces. Sometimes they don't even bother to do that anymore. We are inundated with malevolent elites and brainwashed masses.

On a past article, I listed general things we could do to help--from voting out these authoritarian madmen to standing up in our personal lives. However, does anyone have any suggestions on how we can reassert our 1st amendment rights in particular? Any groups? Any politicians or organizations to contact? Any campaigns? I am all ears and all in if there is such a thing. Otherwise, I would be happy to help create one because this has reached truly dystopic levels. Thanks for any info or suggestions in advance, and keep the faith!

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The "Democratic Party" is mostly incompetent and mostly only cares about maintaining their current power/financial position, so there is not much to worry about cause as usual the "Democrats" will find a way to mess it up, right?

Wrong. The so-called "Democratic Party" has merged and is merging with the intelligence agencies, the primary goal of whom, is to preserve the current power structure and crush domestic political activity.

The primary enemy of every government is their own population, and the three-letter-agencies in America are drooling when they look at China. They are manipulating the "Democrats" and are the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes. That is what makes these developments so ominous.

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In successful modern coups, the first thing the plotters do, is capture the TV and radio stations. That should be warning enough...

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So the Democrat assault on both the First and Second amendments continues to grow in size and scope. Thankfully we have a Supreme Court to defend out Constitutional rights from an out-of-control government.

Oh, wait....

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