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The Canadian government’s response to this protest is a travesty, and those supporting these tyrannical, despotic, and authoritarian measures are as contemptible and disgusting a group of low-functioning, morally bankrupt idiots it has ever been my misfortune to observe.

My prayers and best wishes go out to these brave patriots, and it is my fervent hope that all those attacking them, both rhetorically and physically, succumb to an incurable venereal disease.

Great piece of reporting, and my thanks to Rav for putting it together and to Glenn for providing a forum for Rav to share his work.

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Maybe now people will realize that inside many liberals are totalitarians screaming to get out. Donald Trump was called a fascist, but clearly he was not. As Greenwald explained in his podcast, it was Obama who went after wikileaks, setting the precedent, and now it is democrats who use financial intimidation to silence dissent. They are the real fascists.

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Keep up the good work, Rav. There's no lack of subject material! I'd like to hear more about why Canada's parliament is supporting Trudeau, and more about what the Canadian people think of Mr. Trudeau's actions. It's astonishing, frankly, and so unnecessary.

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When the response of a government, any government, to peaceful protest is to stamp out that protest and persecute those who participated in peaceful protest there is nothing liberal nor democratic about that government. Trudeau and those who support him have given over to their inner totalitarian.

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Welcome to the party, Rav....even though you are a little late. Just ask any Trump supporter. We all didn't necessarily vote for his personality (though personality is somewhat irrelevant) We all voted AGAINST just what you're FINALLY realizing: the oppression of freedoms by the tyranny of leftist politics and its complicit, lying media.

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Great article Rav - well written and thoughtful.

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Ray I really enjoyed your piece and hope to read more from your in your career. Many of us are just baffled by our neighbor to the north, but deep down believe the US pushed this agenda, along with France. In any event, Trudeau and Chrysta (ugh) have to be voted out. She reminds me of a young Samantha Powers - so smug in her ideology.

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2022 should rightly be called "The Great Unmasking."

It has forced many of the mechanisms of power and the shadowy institutions that really run the halls of parliamentary systems out into the open.

What we've seen with Chrystia Freeland (a total World Economic Forum Borg) and Trudeau (a much less clever WEF Borg) is really a microcosm of the wider "Five Eyes" system that Canada is a part of, along with Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. In this light, what the Trudeau government did shouldn't be surprising when we consider what the stakes are.

An organic process actually took root within the Dominion of Canada, which no one saw coming, and which was NOT sanctioned by the Crown and the labyrinthine halls of its parliamentary facade, and its shadowy governance bodies, including the Governor General’s office, the lieutenant governors, and the Privy Council--all of which according to the official story "have no real power."

People should see and hear the oath that Trudeau and all ministers have to take before stepping into the position of Prime Minister or Minister. It's not what people expect...


These mechanisms went into overdrive, leading to the Emergencies Act, because the reality is that if one of the "Five Eyes" governments is actually pushed back on and forced to cave to the demands of the population, it means all the Five Eyes can be pushed back on and forced to cave to the demands of the people. That's what they can't afford...

Reporting on the current state of debate over the Emergencies Act, Canada's CTV casually reported:

"Gold said those on the committee would have to take an oath of secrecy, but would not receive highly classified intelligence briefings.

Sen. Dennis Glen Patterson of the Canadian Senators Group asked whether committee members could be given higher security clearance or even sworn into the Privy Council to allow them to have access to sensitive security intelligence to inform their decisions."


They are pulling all the stops because their power has been threatened in a way unseen for quite some time, especially in Canada. Those who are to be put in positions of oversight first have to take a special oath of secrecy, or "EVEN sworn into the Privy Council," which supposedly has no power.

It's a facade, the Dominion of Canada is just one of the tentacles of this wider Five Eyes system, which is itself just the intelligence gathering arm of the wider City of London/Wall Street financial octopus.

Very little, if any of it, has to do with sovereign nations and democratic systems.

However, now they are trying to maneuver, such that we are seeing a full spectrum psychological war on display right before our very eyes. As the Tavistock psychological warfare expert Brigadier John Rawlings Rees put it, "winning wars is not about killing, it's about destroying the enemy's morale while maintaining one's own."

What has been and continues to unfold in Canada and across the Five Eyes countries is a psychological war. The entire Five Eyes system and the WEF Borg Cube are now threatened by a population that is highly moralized and realizes that it can actually win, that there is a fight. The battle for their freedoms can be won.

That's the biggest threat there is.

Even the overt use of direct physical force is ultimately just a material substrate of an otherwise psychological war, attempts to scare people into submission. All those who know understand this to be the case, which is why the Canadian government necessarily HAD to go totalitarian.

However, the genie is out of the bottle now... The Borg Cube has a basic playbook, and when that playbook stops working, they start looking more and more like a self-driving Tesla that's gone off the road and going in every which way.

The old formulas no longer work, people are becoming increasingly creative and emboldened, and so the Borgs are starting to bug.

The mask is falling.

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Great article! This is what I saw as well watching hours and hours of livestreams. Runnin' Justin has discarded the mask completely and is swinging that giant sledgehammer of force at anybody who disagrees with him.

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Thank you Rav

It is truly frightening that this can be allowed to happen.

Not just allowed, but seems to be accepted.

I hope my perception is wrong

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Excellent commentary, Rav. Make no bones about it, this is classist warfare. Trudeau's behavior, and the behavior of those who adhere to his actions, are not interested in science, reality or justice. They are concerned only with maintaining the power that advances their own lifestyle, not beliefs because I don't feel they have any, but lifestyle. And if that means quashing the working class, no matter how polite or peaceful they express their grievances, then so be it, because they absolutely do not care.

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Very good article from Rav Arora. In the past, we all know Trudeau is related to a number of corrupt scandals. Right now, we know Trudeau is STUPID, COWARD AND IRRESPONSIBLE. The behavior or Trudeau is NO DIFFERENT FROM Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

The root cause of Trucker protest is because this STUPID Trudeau force truck drivers to get vaccinated. I have no idea why ASSHOLE Trudeau has to force truckers to get vaccinated especially truckers will not get close contact with Canadian and hardly infect Canadian at work.

Trucker protest is a political issue which should be solved by political mean. However, this IRRESPONSIBLE Trudeau is too STUPID to solve it politically. The way TRUDEAU solve this problem is no different from CHINA. that is, (1) DEFAME the PROTESTORS, (2) DEFAME the protest is under FOREIGN INFLUENCE (3) THREATEN those who support and donate to the protest (4) claiming SO-CALL National Security as an excuse for Trudeau government to do DIRTY Things. These are exactly what's going on in Hongkong right now under the regime of Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Trudeau say there is foreign support in the protest. However, the fact is that OVER 50% of the donation are from Canadian. After that, most of the donation are from USA. I want to ask ASSHOLE Trudeau, "Why American cannot donate to support the protest when ASSHOLE Trudeau force AMERICA Truckers to get vaccinated????"

At first this COWARD Trudeau hide away from the public using the excuse of getting infected with COVID-19. After days of people looking for ASSHOLE Trudeau, this COWARD ASSHOLE has no choice but to emerge from the hiding site. I have never seen SUCH A COWARD ASSHOLE like Trudeau.

Right now this ASSHOLE Trudeau using National Emergency Act to punish those who dare to say NO to him. Trudeau remind me of Chinese Communist Party using National Security Act to suppress civil right in HK.

I want to speak loudly to Trudeau "ASSHOLE Trudeau, what you are doing is exactly the same as what Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is doing in HK right now - (1) defame the protestors in 2019 (2) defame the protest in 2019 was under foreign influence (3) Use financial means to threaten those who support the protest (4) use so-called National Security Act to do DIRTY and UGLY things.


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Although I'm skeptical that the $2B insured damages from the summer of BLM's insurrection is the largest in U.S. history. It seems like Silverstein received more than $4.5B in payout after 9/11 for the WTC. Your point is nonetheless, well made.

I've a good number of friends, families and colleagues in Canada, all of whom share your assessment of the Freedom Convoy, the shameful media coverage of it, and Trudeau's petulant response making him look like a complete incompetent, if not craven amateur.

Thank you for the perspective.

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Extremely well written. Thanks for bringing him to my attention.

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It’s really a shame but Canadians do not have the same Constitutional protection of their rights that we enjoy in the USA. These are rights given to us by God, not government, and would cause death and destruction if violated. Fight for your God- given rights, Canada!

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I am reeling from this unprecedented action, this is dangerous ground and everyone should find a voice against this outrage. Not a peep from “news” except to report and move on here in the US.

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