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The "not guilty" verdict on Sussmann is a SHAME !!

Biased and corrupt DC jury.

The Rule of Law in this country is DEAD.

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Amber Heard just landed a role in the upcoming “Pirates” sequel. She’ll be scrubbing the poop deck.

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Sussmann Jury Nullification Marks the End of American Justice as We Knew It

Roger L. Simon

American justice isn’t only dead, it’s decomposed. Long live totalitarianism!

We can join the world now. Au revoir, American Exceptionalism. We are China. We are Putin’s Russia. We are the European Union, drifting ever more swiftly into Davos globalism and the Great Reset. We are the Ayatollah’s Iran. We are Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and then some.

Most of all, goodbye to the rule of law. Was it ever there? I seem to have vague memories.



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Glenn you have been telling us about the decline of the ACLU for years and we have watched it with dismay. What we are living in now is full on 1984 with the left controlling thought and speech happily and somehow their 'progressive' members continue to support it.


"the ACLU spent $800,000 on a campaign ad for Stacey Abrams during her run for governor in Georgia and $1 million in an attack-ad campaign against Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings."

technically this is in violation of the IRS charitable contributions for non-profits, but that law was only ever enforced by Lois Lerner against conservative groups

the whole game is rigged and its so fucking obvious to anyone paying attention

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Glad you got a vacation.

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The judicial system in the US is utterly corrupt. This has been building to a crescendo for the last 18 months.


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Is anyone really surprised? I would be absolutely shocked if any big names ever made it to prosecution. It's so bad now that they aren't even throwing the underlings under the bus.

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I understand the jury foreperson in Durham's-just-before-the-statute-of-limitations-ran-out case said words to the effect of "we guys didn't take this law seriously." In order to get on the fricking jury in the first place each juror was obliged to declare Under Oath they would do precisely the opposite. Maybe it's time to call the panel back...as defendants in a multi-defendant perjury case....not that they'd be found guilty or anything --- the next foreperson would say much the same thing after the next Not Guilty verdict was rendered.....


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Glenn... Hope you had some quality time off... Glad you are back in the saddle. We appreciate all you do...

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I will not sleep soundly tonight. How are we much better than those whose cities we see in ruins on TV? My concierge told me today to keep my eyes open ... it's getting closer ... right around the corner ... the taco sellers ... the fruit vender ... all are involved in some criminal activity. BUT MY MAYOR EVANS WANTS TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2024 ... no time for me or our City! :( Yes Durham got a lot out there, if anyone is listening. Like they are listening now with our CRIME surge!

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At the risk of sounding like my scratched vinyl, thank you GG!

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Callin wants:

This app has access to:


read your contacts


read phone status and identity


read the contents of your USB storage

modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


read the contents of your USB storage

modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


record audio

Wi-Fi connection information

view Wi-Fi connections

Device ID & call information

read phone status and identity


receive data from Internet

view network connections

pair with Bluetooth devices

full network access

change your audio settings

run at startup

control vibration

prevent device from sleeping


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And here we stand, wringing our hands, as justice slips from our grasp.

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We all know that the legal system is a fucking farce and only caters to the people who control it.

This is how people like Lance Armstrong lied and cheated and yet won in court, or Bill Cosby can have an illegal deal with a DA just like Epstein did, or the jury who watched the cops beat the shit out of Rodney King somehow acquited them the first time.

What the fuck has changed? The lawyers set this whole fucked up system up with them in charge, same as it was in all the countries the first Americans fled from.

Same as it ever was from the 60-70 years ago where people like Roy Cohn and Sidney Korshak wormed their way to the top, the entire history of America is littered with bullshit lawyers who lied stealed and cheated their way to the top with little to no repercussions. Roy's sister marrying Walter Annenberg after she was married to two mafia guys is hilarious. I always found it gag inducing seeing Walter and her pretend to be classy individuals at Republican events.

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"Is This Real?": Biden Gives Bizarre Inflation Speech Full Of Obvious Lies

On Friday, President Joe Biden stood in front of the world and regurgitated so many lies that one has to wonder if his speechwriter borrowed Hunter's crack pipe.

For starters, Biden suggested that "families are carrying less debt" and "their average savings are up" since he took office, adding that "more Americans feel financially comfortable."

Nope - the personal savings rate has plummeted, while outstanding (revolving) consumer credit has sharply risen since January 2021. [See chart in article]

Meanwhile, a May survey from the American Psychological Association revealed that Americans are more stressed out about money than ever.

"Eighty-seven percent of Americans said that inflation and the rising costs of everyday goods is what’s driving their stress," said Vaile Wright, senior director of health care innovation at the American Psychological Association.

Biden also took credit for the 8.7 million jobs 'added' to the economy since he took office - which were of course caused by government-mandated lockdowns.

Take grandpa out of the White House. Put grandpa in a Seniors Home.



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