I'm confused Glenn. What is the Substack page going to be for? Are you basically leaving Substack and transitioning fully to Rumble and Locals? (if so, why not just say it that way)

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GG - Are you not continuing your pieces on Substack? Or are you publishing additional material on Locals?

Very confusing approach. I tend not to watch the Rumble video. Much more like to read stuff - so I can skip over repetitive things.

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Interesting now that the western leadership, Merkel and Holande and Biden even have admitted that the Ukraine war is merely a tool to use against Russia and maintain the western hegemony that this substack starts speaking truth. When Oceania switches the war to Eastasia it was always that way supported by virtually the entire organs of propaganda in the western world. This has gone on forever. Plato called it "the Noble Lie" and he said that it was the Job of the Nobles, know known as the ruling classes to lie and to change the lie as necessary. Only the technology has changed. Less religion, more Facebook. It worked well for Pharoah and it works well for Fauchi and Biden. The paraphrase Hitler "thank god the people are so stupid or we'd never get away with this stuff". What Hitler and Stalin and Goebbels and even Bernays and Freud didn't know is that by good messaging you can literally shut down the pre frontal cortex in humans leaving them open to your message. That's only been proven with fMRI for a few years. Truly, all you need to know about the western world is two words, Julian Assange!

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Great analogy between our involvement in Iraq (Hussein an ally in the 80's and then an "enemy" in succeeding decades), then Serbia/Kosovo, then Libya, then Syria, and currently in Ukraine, and the metaphors of constant war and created enemies in Orwell's 1984. Now, in this latest Twitter file, we see how censorship of information about Covid seems to fit a parallel pattern of fanning fear such that people accept more control over their lives.

As to the former, Jonathan Cook's book from a few years ago, and articles in Antiwar, document, from public statements of officials, pieced together, that constant chaos in the Middle East and Central Asia/Europe in particular has actually been the strategy of the security state, the innocent civilians in the middle, and the soldiers sent to fight and die be damned, all for these documented, Pandora Paper Virgin Island/Bahama bank accounts (didn't Biden just go there for "vacation)?

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Does anyone know if Damar Hamlin is vaccinated? And John Fetterman?

"But in this case, when you're talking about a pandemic that's killing millions of people worldwide, in this case"--- what about those health experts who said that 98% of people recover from covid without any special help?,

"But, you know, if you have people falsely encouraging others to not take the vaccine because this and that will happen, you could end up causing people to die who otherwise wouldn't."

But, you know, if you have people falsely encouraging others to TAKE the vaccine because this and that will happen, you could end up causing people to die (from myocarditis, strokes, blood clots, and heart attacks) who otherwise wouldn't. And the Big Pharma profits roll on.

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Might as well start bad-mouthing Taiwan now to get ahead of the game. The China-Russia-Iran axis can thank you later.

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For that matter, no mention of the Minsk Agreements, the first one of which Ukraine promptly broke, and the second of which Poroshenko admitted that he never intended to comply with, with the encouragement of his Western sponsors.

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"One solution [to the Eastern Ukrainian desire for separation] has always been clear. Hold a fair and free election or referendum in those provinces – supervised not by Russian forces but by UN peace-keeping and other forces – and allow the people of those regions to decide for themselves what they want their fate to be, using the precedent of Kosovo and the independence granted to it by the West. "

I suspect the Biden regime would do everything in its power to prevent this, given their explicit rejection of any peace deal, even when, in an earlier "news cycle" Oligarch Zelensky seemed publicly amenable to a cease-fire.

"Isn't it amazing that American liberals and Democrats think that everyone who wears a MAGA hat or voted for Donald Trump is a Nazi? They want them censored off the Internet, they want them imprisoned without due process, they want them regarded as an insurrectionist criminal group, and when they finally meet the real deal Nazis, the actual Nazis, in Ukraine, they want to arm them and fund them and to revere them, turn them into social media stars."

It's only amazing if you're unaware of the absolute moral bankruptcy of the left intelligentsia and the Democratic Party, who dictate what its NPC minions think and believe. To everyone else with half a brain cell it is enraging and not surprising in the least.

It's pretty clear that more Americans are waking up to "the ability of the Western media to, on a dime, rewrite everything that they've always said to give you a completely alternative reality with no dissent allowed." Yet "many people objecting to these things were banned from the Internet from the start of the war," allowing the groundswell of absolutely ignorant, slavish, stupid drum-beating on social media to overwhelm the "discourse" managed by the Alphabet Agencies. So we few who are following the entire shit-show with skepticism just have to shut up, bend over, and take it and "watch in real time." (A similar thing is happening with the coof fiasco: deceit followed by panic measures, followed by censorship of the facts and defamation of skeptics, followed by denials, reversals, and outright lies).

The power and influence of corporate media as the lapdog propagandists of the regime brazenly continues while we mere citizens watch helplessly as their lies and reversals go, not unobserved, but unopposed in any meaningful way.

This can't end well.

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And no mention of The Odessa Trade Union Massacre.

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The soft fascism of the Biden/Democrat regime is a perfect match for the real thing in Ukraine. So it is not surprising for the Democrats and their media co-conspirators to show their true selves in support of the Ukraine state.

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“Isn't it amazing that American liberals and Democrats think that everyone who wears a MAGA hat or voted for Donald Trump is a Nazi? They want them censored off the Internet,  they want them imprisoned without due process, they want them regarded as an insurrectionist criminal group, and when they finally meet the real deal Nazis, the actual Nazis, in Ukraine, they want to arm them and fund them and to revere them, turn them into social media stars. “

Similar how they despise MAGA hatters for not fully supporting the LGTBQ mantra but fully support Palestinians and Iranians who do far worse to LGTBQ people. It’s not that they are really for LGTBQ rights or against Nazism, it’s that they are for whatever advanced their agenda.

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The total white washing of Ukraine's history since independence is in ways worse than the Bush-Cheney lies leading to the invasion of Iraq. My understanding is that Ukraine has seen a kind of musical chairs in electing a presidents since 1991. One year a Western oriented Ukrainian, a few years later an Eastern-looking one , Repeat. Repeat. The Maiden revolution overthrew an eastern oriented president who had won with a clear majority.

The history of NATO ignoring Russian concerns about NATO , a military alliance, expanding to its border under Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin is well-documented. As you implied, this conflict could and should have been addressed as a border war coming out of the USSR demise, an earth shaking event. Just like the border clashes that followed the "awkward" redrawing of national lines after the first and second world wars. Instead, Biden successfully framed it as an existential power struggle between the West and East, democracy and totalitarianism, and the media followed.

Cracks in the post-2003 Iraq narrative began showing up in the first few months. But the visuals of Russia's brutal and unjustified attack plus the concentration of international reporters in Europe, has silenced even the best investigative reporters. This war will backfire big-time for the participants, as hunger, inflation and high priced fuel overtakes the rest of the world in the name of a small slice of Europe which most have not even heard of.

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UPDATE - Glenn Greenwald Shows Record ( 2022 -- 2023 ):

Jan. 3 – Ep. 14 Jimmy Dore on McCarthy’s Speakership Bid, Squad Hypocrisy, Ukraine, & More


Q & A – https://greenwald.locals.com/upost/3302972/after-show-q-a-january-3-2023

Video X-cript:

Jan. 2 – Ep. 13 Right-Wing Populists Revolt: Trump Tax Returns, McCarthy’s Speaker Vote

https://rumble.com/v23louk-right-wing-populists-revolt-trump-tax-returns-mccarthys-speaker-vote-and-mo.html – Republicans Debate – Democrats Obey

Q & A - https://greenwald.locals.com/upost/3297822/after-show-q-a-january-2-2023

Video X-cript:


Dec. 27 – Ep. 12 The Most Important Stories We Covered in 2022


Q & A - https://greenwald.locals.com/upost/3270794/after-show-q-a-december-27-2022

Video X-cript:

Dec. 26 – Ep. 11 -- Media Rewrites Ukraine’s Dark History, New Twitter Files on Rigged Covid Debate - https://rumble.com/v22hc4c-media-rewrites-ukraines-dark-history-new-twitter-files-on-rigged-covid-deba.html

Q & A - https://greenwald.locals.com/upost/3266403/after-show-q-a-december-26-2022

GG Solo -- Reflecting New U.S. Control of TikTok's Censorship, Our Report Criticizing Zelensky Was Deleted -- https://greenwald.substack.com/p/reflecting-new-us-control-of-tiktoks

Video X-cript: https://substack.com/inbox/post/94280548 -- Media Rewrites Ukraine’s Dark History

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A question: How many people viewed this outstanding Episode up to now? Where to find such statistic?

Many thanks n advance.

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1. I like you Glenn Greenwald but you are too repetitive about "puuting aside one's prejedices." Do you really do that yourself? I don't think so with respect to the Ukraine war.

2. Did you really show us Zelensky is corrupt? You cited one newspaper article which listed some un-specified overseas holding by Z and his wife....all before he was elected president. As you know, I suspect, corruption is a relative thing. All of us are corrupt to some degree. His holding unspecified property before being elected does NOT prove corruption in any meanful sense.

3. A nation under stress and under threat of invasion cannot EVER approach your stated level of "democracy." President Wilson, effectively banned free speech in WWI....putting, as I'm sure you're aware Eugene Debs in jail for speaking out against it. Americans who supported King George V, fled Philadephia for their lives when the British had to abndon that city. So-called "loyalists" were tarred and feathered, usually not escaping with their lives. Japanese Americans in WWII. After Pearl Harbor, no one dared speak out against that war. Do you know of the brutality on both sides during communist attempts to take over Finland in 1921-22?

4. The Azov Brigade? When you're under stress, you accept help wherever you can, no?

5. Putting restrictions on the Russian Orthodox Church? When religion gets involved in war and revolution, freedom of religion takes second place to a community's security. Lots of examples: The Dutch revolt against the Habsburgs in 1572; to be a Catholic or Protestant was an acurate marker of whose loyalty you were on. Have you forgotten the peasant revolt in the Vendee during the rench Revolution. Do you not know that Lenin closed Orthodox Churches himself. War, in short, puts immense pressure on a country, which has to choose best how to protect itself. It's fine for you in the safety and comfort of your present life to criticize Ukrainians for what they do but it is NOT fair commentary by you!

6. An election in the middle of an all but failed invasion by Putin? Ridiculous!!

7. Finally, you TOTALLY ignore the effect a successful/unsuccessful invasion WILL have on Putin and other potential tyrants.Did Biden's fiasco in Afghanistan encourage Putin? Did Putin's lackluster miitary invasion deter Xi of China with respect to Taiwan? Did Chamberlain's capituation in Munich encourage Hitler jsut 3 months later. Did yo support BushI's response to Saddamm's invasion of Kuwait? Etc. Etc.

In short, Mr. Greenwald, you wrote a very long essay, with excessive attempts to have us put aside our various feelings to the Ukraine War, but you did NOT have an even-habded approach. Like Tucker (who I also like) , your piece absolutely stunk of "group think."

Bruce Leyden....one of your admirers!

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I wish I could express my profound gratitude for this episode. My words fall short: yours don't.

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