Note to Readers

As some of you have likely noticed — and we've heard from a few! — it has been two weeks since I published my last new article here, easily the longest amount of time that has elapsed since we created this new platform back in October, 2020. This pause is primarily due to the way I work. I am always very conscious that whenever we click “publish” on a new article, we are making an implicit claim to our readers that — given the infinite choices that exist, not just on the internet, but in life, to which you might choose to devote your energies — what we have produced is worth your time to read, that it will be provide something of real value. Out of respect for my readers’ time and the high quality we try to maintain here, I have always preferred to publish nothing rather than publish something banal, cursory or that lacks the passion, energy, depth and unique perspective that I try hard to ensure shapes all the articles that appear under my name. Publishing articles that fall short of those standards can erode the trust that I want to ensure readers have that whatever I am highlighting for them represents my best efforts.

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