Note to Subscribers About Exciting New Features

Our first live-stream Q-and-A for subscribers will be on Rumble tomorrow night at 8 pm ET. And we now have audio versions of all articles published here.

Last week, I wrote about several exciting new features we had implemented exclusively for subscribers, with the goal of expanding the reach of our journalism and further strengthening what we are able to do. Included among those are written transcripts for each Rumble video report we produce, for those who prefer to read reporting rather than watch videos of it. As I indicated in that note, we were still working on implementing other new features to provide subscribers here with more and better journalism.

Two of those are now ready. First, we will have our debut live-stream Q-and-A session tomorrow night on Rumble, starting at 8:00 p.m. ET. The live stream will appear on my Rumble page here. The basic format — which I am certain will evolve based on reader feedback — is that I will devote the first segment to discussing articles I have recently published here and other newsworthy events, and then take questions from my subscribers about whatever might be on your mind (for the moment, Rumble does not yet have the capacity to create a private room for subscribers only, but the session is being promoted here and they will shortly have that).

Beyond that, we soon intend to expand to an all-new free platform that will enable even more in-depth interaction between myself and all of you — that announcement is coming shortly — and that platform will enable subscriber-only rooms. But for now, these weekly Rumble live streams will enable me to discuss a variety of issues that I have not written about here and, more importantly, address questions, critiques, comments, and other ideas that all of you have. Given my strong and long-held view that a key form of journalistic accountability is engagement with one's readers, I try as much as possible to interact in the comment section to each article — particularly when readers raise good faith and interesting critiques or questions about my reporting and analysis — but doing these live discussions by video will enable an even more in-depth form of interaction. I hope to see as many of you there for our live debut tomorrow night.

Second, we have now begun publishing audio versions of each article that we publish here. The first one — an audio version of my article last week about the civil liberties assaults being carried out in the name of 1/6 and particularly the unconstitutional dangers of the Congressional 1/6 Committee — is now available here. We are providing this feature in response to feedback from some readers that, particularly for longer articles, being able to listen in audio form will enable them to use commutes to work or exercise time to hear an article that they lack the time to read. I am particularly thrilled with our choice of reader: the outstanding Angie Speaks (@AngieSpeaks on Twitter), whose expressive British accent, mastery of political and journalistic debates, and long-time familiarity with my work will enable the full meaning — the subtleties, nuances, ironies and subtexts — of my writing to be clearly expressed. In general, the audio version will be published within forty-eight hours of the written article.

We are just days away from October 29, 2021 — the one-year anniversary of my move to Substack. The success of this platform over the last year has proven that truly independent journalism can thrive, and, as we move into the second year, that inspires me to seek ways not just to maintain what we have built but to expand its reach and impact much further. Obviously, none of this would be possible without you, our subscribers. Shortly, we will also offer ways for those who have both the ability and willingness to donate beyond the subscription, solely to help us hire more journalists and other support staff who can fuel our continued growth, both on this platform and others.

As always, I remain deeply grateful for those who have enabled my work to remain free of corporate constraints, Big Tech repression, and captivity to the orthodoxies of any political faction, all while expanding the talented team that works with me. To me, that independence is the prerequisite to effective and quality journalism.

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