Formerly a donor of the ACLU but I gave it to Glenn instead.

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I can't help but laugh at the irony that this authoritarian power grab disguised as a public health campaign is being led by Dr. Fauci, the man directly responsible for funding the gain-of-function research that likely spawned this whole disaster to begin with. It really sums up our society in a nutshell.

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If people are not making the parallel with our current situation and Germany in the 1930s, they are neither students of history nor informed citizens. If discriminating against people and asking everyone to show their papers in order to freely circulate is not enough to ring the alarm bells for them, they don’t see where this is headed.

We are being told that everything may go back to something resembling “normal” once everyone complies with the new mandatory vaccination regime. Some actually believe this will lead to some kind of light at the end of the tunnel.

They are very wrong.

It will not be the end of anything, it will be just the beginning. This isn’t even a “conspiracy,” it’s right there out in the open.

Top world economic forum representatives are openly discussing putting microchips under everyone’s skin by 2030… You can hear Klaus Schwab openly talking about this, and very confidently.

Perhaps his misanthropic outlook makes him think people really are that stupid.


Many people who considered themselves fine and reasonable people are getting really upset now because they feel they sound like crazy right wing conspiracy theorists. To them I say: you are not a crazy right wing conspiracy theorist, the Davos and other oligarchs just are crazy utopians trying to realize their insane dystopian wet dreams.

Everyone else is relatively normal and human compared to these sociopaths. They believe that they can make the unthinkable thinkable again.


People just need to come out and say it: “Never Again.”

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The ACLU's current position is truly dangerous. As we have seen over the last 18 months, courts - even those strong on upholding civil liberties - are extremely deferential to public health mandates. Our constitution is not self executing. Courts' deference to official health policy generally mean civil liberties are easily ignored or overruled. It's been bad enough in the US. But look at Australia. 18 months of lockdowns in NSW and Victoria states, and counting. Traveling more than 3 miles from your home a criminal offence subject to heavy fines. For all this coercion, the vax rate in OZ is something like 30%.

Sadly, the ACLU is now nothing more than a left wing advocacy group now showing the same authoritarian tendencies that such groups often do.

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My wife was getting her done today. At the neighboring chair, the hairdresser was proudly proclaiming "the unvaccinated should be denied all health care" .... imagine. Saying it out loud! I used to wonder how the German people were misled. No more.

Pick a side. This isn't an abstract argument over "the science". It is a fight ... a political, ideological fight.


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I read the NY Times piece and replaced the word "vaccine" with "abortion". I wonder if the ACLU tried it.

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"...vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties..." Whenever you hear "actually" prepare for a long stretch of motivated reasoning and motte/bailey dodges from unprincipled stooges.

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When going into a restaurant in NYC, one has to provide proof of vaccination AND

an ID to prove you are the person referenced on the vaccine card. What about the HIIPA laws? Are you required to show complete strangers your medical status? What about the uproar over requiring an ID in order to vote? "Show us your papers, Comrade"

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Our COVID-19 response doesn't even make logical sense.

Masks, social distancing, plexiglass partitions, contact tracing, lockdowns, and every other intervention aimed at limiting people's exposure to the virus is an exercise in futility that's doomed to fail in the long run.

The vaccine reduces your odds of serious illness or death, but it does not give you sterilizing immunity. A person who is vaccinated can still get infected and transmit the virus to other people, which totally invalidates the case for "vaccine passports". Your vaccine only protects you, it doesn't protect other people.

The reality is this: EVERYONE will to be exposed to the virus in the long run whether they like it or not. I'm going to be exposed and you're going to be exposed.

No matter how long you maintain the non-pharmaceutical interventions (e.g. masks, lockdowns, etc...) the virus is still going to be here at the end. All you're doing is delaying the inevitable. You might be slowing the virus down, but you aren't stopping it. It's a force of nature and we're not going to stop it.

This narrative we've been given that it's my responsibility to protect you and your responsibility to protect me fails on logic. The only protection that you have against the virus is your own immune system. Your safety and well being depends on how well you prepare your immune system for the day when your turn comes and you get exposed to the virus.

The only person who can protect you is you. Get vaccinated, eat a healthy diet, exercise, get sufficient sleep. Do everything you can to maintain good health and fortify your immune system so that you don't wind up on a ventilator or in the morgue WHEN (not if) you get exposed to the virus because it's going to happen sooner or later. You can't hide from this thing forever.

The government has no incentive to tell that because it doesn't empower them, it empowers you. If you understood that your safety and well-being depended on your own acts and omissions, then you wouldn't need the government to step in with mandates that coerce and threaten other people and disrupt their lives in order to "keep you safe".

If you think, especially now that we have a vaccine that everyone who needs it has had the opportunity to take, that other people should disrupt their life for the foreseeable future in order to "protect" you safe from a virus you're actually the selfish one.

Cowardice is not a virtue. We have to face this thing head on because there is no other choice. We're all going to be exposed to the virus sooner or later, so we may as well suck it up and face reality. There's no sense in being a coward and making your life and everyone else's life miserable by trying to hide from it and blaming other people whenever someone gets sick. This idiocy needs to end, and it needs to end right now.

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As they seem to have redefined "civil liberty" to mean something other than individual rights - the collective good or some other "freedom from" perversion - I suspect they see no problem with this overtly anti-liberty position.

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Excellent piece and an apt exposee of the hypocrisy of the new ACLU - "excuse the redundancy", as GG often says). But consider a correction: at the end GG says "it is anyone's guess" why the change in the ACLU. No it's not. GG has provided the answer in earlier writings. The modern ACLU, he has said, is just a well funded arm of the DNC. That's the answer.

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The ACLU is a sad shell of what it used to be.

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They'd better be careful with that "bodily integrity is not absolute" argument -- the pro-choice crowd might strongly disagree.

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This virus, with a 99.8% survival rate, was never about public health. It was and is about power and control.

A year ago, many of us who were paying attention to the Gates Foundation, WEF, Johns Hopkins pandemic simulation in Oct 2019, called Event 201, told people that vax passports were coming, but ya know we're just conspiracy theorists. The difference between the truth and conspiracy theory is about six months.

But not only is this about power and control by an unelected, unaccountable elite, it is also a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. I

n 1976, President Gerald Ford, put a HALT to the Swine Flu jab after 53 deaths. Prior to this faux emergency, FDA rules were that any drug that caused 25 deaths was to be immediately pulled and reviewed.

But now?

"VAERS data released Friday by the CDC showed a total of 650,077 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 13,911 deaths and 85,971 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and Aug. 27, 2021".-Childrens Health Defense.

VAERS is the CDC vax death and injury reporting system. Keep in mind that these numbers are MUCH HIGHER than reported as VAERS captures only 1-10% of all jab deaths and injuries. CHD is SUING the FDA for BRAZENLY LYING to win approval but NOT licensing of the Pfizer jab.

This list also does not include the deaths of CHILDREN from strokes and myocarditis, for which there have been 1000's of cases. Nor does it include the 1000's and 1000's of women who miscarried or had still births after this jab.

It is NOT a traditional vaccine. It is an MRNA experimental jab with the spike protein within that IS THE PATHOGEN that destroys the immune system.

The FDA AND CDC were VERY well aware of the dangers of this jab from previous animal studies, where pathogenic priming or antibody immune enhancement occurred, killing all the animals in the study and 2 CHILDREN in another small clinical trial where the rest of the children fell gravely ill. And what did the jab companies skip? Glad you asked! ANIMAL STUDIES. This jab is in clinical trial until 2023!!

Pfizer donated one million to Biden's campaign as they did most of our scummy political elite.

I find it reprehensible and irresponsible that literally no MSM is reporting these deaths and injuries and in fact are hiding it, just as they are alternative treatments and medicines. They are CENSORING it because if there are other effective treatments the EUA WOULD BE GONE and the vax profits and vax passports with it.

There is this thing that the ACLU conveniently overlooks and that is INFORMED CONSENT. Is anyone being informed of the above? Or that these jabs contain NO LIVE OR DEAD virus like traditional jabs do?

This is a violation of the Nuremberg codes. All TEN OF THEM.

Is it not a wonder people do not want this vaccine when death and disability is a very REAL possibility?

In a poll taken recently, 70% of Americans will QUIT THEIR JOBS if mandated to take the jab. That is significant.

Perhaps the ACLU would do well to take the public's temperature and a good look at VAERS before they say this is a good idea.

Oh! And btw, Glenn, there is a study that was done on the benefits of Ivermectin and the Rona. Too bad that study is also censored as it showed Ivermectin IS effective in treating the Rona. How's that for horse dewormer?

Excellent article and SHARED!

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We already knew the ACLU was a shadow of their former selves, but this should pound the nail in its coffin.

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“... a norm that affirms that we must renounce the good to save the good is just as false and contradictory as that which, to protect freedom, orders us to renounce freedom.“ - Giorgio Agamben


The sneering at civil liberties and core human dignities (like being with loved ones as they pass away, funeral/burial rights) since day one has been nothing short of evil. Glenn, I’m glad to see this post from you and I remember you talking briefly with Edward Snowden early about your hesitation to support the mass abridging of basic rights/liberties/dignities, but I can’t help but be disappointed that you’ve largely abstained from taking a vocal, principled stance on this stuff. Even if you’re not an expert in virology (for all that’s worth at this point), that shouldn’t even be a factor in opposing these insane measures. Isn’t that the point of principles: that they don’t change just because some new data indicates an arbitrary x% increase in lethality vs. the seasonal flu? To accept they could be overridden by one number only invites the idea that they could eventually be overridden by a lower number.

I truly appreciate the times you have spoken up, it’s just that considering your concerns about privacy & civil liberties, and this entire worldwide Covid response makes even the Patriot Act look like child’s play compared to the systems of surveillance/coercion/control being justified by this virus — I don’t understand why you haven’t been shouting from the rooftops since day one.

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