So when I share Greenwald’s columns with leftist friends and family they don’t respond to the substance they just say something to the effect that they don’t understand what has happened to him. As if reporting the facts as he sees them is eq uivalent to having fallen victim to a disease. There really is nothing to say to these people. I disagree with Some of Greenwald’s positions but I am eternally grateful that he is willing to look carefully at these e vents and report the facts. That is what real journalists do!

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It's the lack of remorse and accountability that infuriates me. The last screenshot, of the NYT saying "With a bloody gash in his head ..." which is clearly an outright lie. They will never apologize, never think they did anything wrong.

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The Officer Sicknick story was so inflammatory that it caused me to take leave of my senses. But several hours later, when I calmed down, I reflected on whether the story made sense. It seemed to me that the Capitol insurgents/rioter/protesters (whatever) were not at all the types to bash a police officer's skull. Now several months later, the entire affair has reminded me not to jump to an emotion-driven conclusion based on a media story and quite frankly to distrust the media with every bone in my body. It is truly disgusting how reporters seems to have no qualms about bald-faced lying to the public.

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The timing of this release is not coincidental. With multiple other things consuming the news cycle, it was obviously decided to let this out now as opposed to during the hearings about the “insurrection.”

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You, Taibbi et al will not get through to half of the US who're NYT consumers.

It's sad. It makes me worried for the future.

I've no idea how to move true believers, once converted, from their truth.

As always, well written article. Thank you.

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So, what we are left with is this: The capitol "rioters" killed no one. Not a single weapon was found on any of them. Stories about zip tie handcuffs already have been thoroughly rebutted. That's the closes to a weapon they could get. And, anyone watching that day, or catching up on YouTube before they pulled it down, could see security personnel moving stanchions and waving "rioters" in, then opening the doors of the capitol and letting still more in.

This wasn't a riot. It was a spectacle organized by the media to fit a narrative. I've know that since Day 1. It just took a while for all the evidence to be assembled.

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50 years ago as a "journalist" I was taught to leave my opinion to myself. Where are these people being educated? Pravda? the CCP?

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And this tidbit of truth comes on the heels of Maxine Waters' call to violence in Minnesota - for which she'll never receive as much as a slap on the wrist from those who impeached Trump for less.

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Reading the comments below and Glenn's latest article, the words that come to mind are 'cognitive dissonance'. When leftists are confronted with FACTS from very credible sources they suffer from the above mentioned affliction. The only way to solve it is to do one of 2 things. Accept the truth and make an informed and rational response to their partisanship while taking the political grifters and liars into account. Or 2, as many on the thread below have shown and our media have clearly shown - Ignore the truth because it doesn't fit their ideological political cult and claim the offenders are liars or racists - whichever fits better.

This is the state of politics today. As Glenn has previously said the left (and some on the right) have turned politics into their religion and can no longer debate or listen to sound arguments that oppose their ideological agendas.

America's enemies are laughing at what weak-minded fools many of us have become. Rightfully so.

One thing that Trump did get right. Not all - but MANY in the press are the enemy of the people but only the people whom they disagree with politically. They will lie, cheat, steal be on the take for their leftist religion and the majority our news is pathetically 'spun' in every way. Every story.

We need writers like Glenn Greenwald who believes in fairness and open dialogue to form a coalition of REAL JOURNALISTS. America needs REAL JOURNALISTS now more then ever.


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So, they can now finally call them "rioters" instead of "insurrectionists." Man, that term always galled me since they knew full well there was never any insurrection.

But hey, never let a crisis go to waste. Even if you have to make it up.

Keep hammering them, Glenn. Who knows, you may even make a few journalists out of that gaggle of agenda pushers.

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I was pleased to read your take at the end of this piece. We know the officer was survived by his mother. I'm not sure what other close family he had, but I'm sure there were others. Tragically he died at the young age of 42. The media and Dem exploitation of his death can only have caused his poor mother and family greater pain. You hear it often - parents are not supposed to outlive their children. It's just beyond reprehensible. These vultures have very dark souls.

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Thank God for Glenn Greenwald.

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If I was the Sicknick family, I would be inclined to SUE the shit out of every MSM outlet that pushed those lies.

Secondly, I read your Twitter thread about this and was genuinely shocked to see people FLAT OUT DENY that this lie ever happened. It is the most blatant cognitive dissonance I've ever seen!

And for WHAT??? The Democrat fascist party is hardly worth defending in any way!

In my view, the entire Capitol "incident" was a false flag. I saw video of the Capitol police literally waving protesters in. The dude wearing the horns and all of them taking selfies with Capitol police, etc., reminded me of a very poorly organized PLAY. I missed the part where Ashley Babbit was shot, but the rioters reminded me of ANTIFA/BLM as those of us here in Portland, Oregon are very familiar with their antics. It looked to me as if these characters were brought in to give the effect of an "insurrection" that Democrats wanted. All of this so that the GOP could not present to American voters, proof of ELECTION FRAUD..

Biden won more votes than Obama? Bwa-HAHAHAHAHA! A guy who campaigned in his basement and whose rallies couldn't fill a broom closet won the election? Come on, Man! The theft of the election was nothing new to Dems, having cheated Sanders out of 2 primaries. Instead much later Time Mag treats us to an op-ed where it was explained that the election was "fortified" by a shadowy cabal of players.

The coup wasn't the Antifa embiciles who ran all the chaos at the Capitol, it was the election itself. What happened at the Capitol was to DISTRACT from election fraud...er,..uh...fortifying.

The entire MSM is completely pathological. One big sociopath. I stopped watching ALL of it in 2016, with the exception of Tucker once in awhile.. and I watch only when he addresses shit like this while the others won't. I'm an Independent, not wedded to either party, yet the countless times I've been berated as a white supremacist, a right winger, etc when calling out Dem party/MSM falsehoods is too numerous to count.

I am SO grateful for your commitment to truth, Glenn even though I know you yourself have been berated when in pursuit of the truth. We need more journalists who do this and have integrity. And while MSM does not, I implore people to do the healthiest thing for themselves (and society as a whole) and turn that shit off. Doing so will allow the daylight of reality to shine through. Sad state of affairs. Excellent article. Shared!

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I want to see Marcy apologize to you first.

I take issue with this: “...Ashli Babbitt, who was shot point blank in the neck by Capitol Police 𝗱𝗲𝘀𝗽𝗶𝘁𝗲 𝗯𝗲𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘂𝗻𝗮𝗿𝗺𝗲𝗱).”

Unarmed does not *not dangerous.*

It would seem the cop was justified as she was attempting to breach the broken glass doors in the barricaded Speaker's Lobby - outside the Chamber, which was occupied by Capitol staff and members of Congress- and had a riotous, angry, and loud mob of people behind her.

Do I remember something wrong?

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Of all the lies the media has told for the last five years and there are certainly many, this could very well be the worst.

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Me thinks we have mentally ill people masquerading as journalists. There is no way a normally functioning human could behave in the way. This is the final straw for me. I am cancelling cable so I don't fund this shit.

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