The danger posed by Mr. Trump was his attempt to bypass the gatekeepers in the media by communicating with the public directly using Twitter. Fortunately, Twitter has now set filters to prevent this from happening again. With any luck, there will be no possibility of future collusion between a President and the citizenry. Democracy, as we know it, has been saved.

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Public education is the opium of the people. It’s a drone factory producing meat bags incapable of reason. Of course Donald Trump is a tyrant. Their teachers who are “like really smart” told them so. The professional teleprompter readers also confirm this. And for the especially dim witted, Hollywood follows up with confirmation.

Tyranny is what the left practices. Intolerance of diverse opinions and threats of violence and actual violence from their paramilitary arm, antifa etc.

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The Democrats are corrupt, but their favourite doomsday scenarios, all of which require us to give more power to central government and big corporations, are all real.

The Republicans are corrupt, but their favourite doomsday scenarios, all of which require us to give more power to central government and big corporations, are all real.

The Quangos, dead billionaire foundations, and think tanks are corrupt, but their favourite doomsday scenarios, all of which require us to give more power to central government and big corporations, are all real.

The corporations and their billionaire shareholders are corrupt, but their favourite doomsday scenarios, all of which require us to give more power to central government and big corporations, are all real.

For those of us who have functioning memories to go with functioning brains, for whom every new day is not [[current year]] zero day:

-I remember when nuclear power was going to kill us all

-I remember when nuclear war was going to kill us all

-I remember when the Chinese were going to kill us all

-I remember when the Russians were going to kill us all

-I remember when running out of oil was going to kill us all

-I remember when too much oil was going to kill us all

-I remember when Fukushima was going to kill us all

-I remember when the Gulf oil spill was going to kill us all

-I remember when rocks from space were going to kill us all

-I remember when polyunsaturated fats were going to kill us all

-I remember when AIDS was going to kill us all

-I remember when bird flu was going to kill us all

-I remember when swine flu was going to kill us all

-I remember when bat flu was going to kill millions of Americans but somehow, even though the official tally could only reach a quarter of a million by administratively re-categorizing motor accidents and gunshot wounds as bat flu deaths, and using a fraudulent test procedure that produces between 70 to 90% false positives to produce an idiotic "case pandemic" with no associated deaths trend, the current Administration is a failure because we're not all dead yet.

Frankly, I long for a journalist with both civil liberties extremism, pattern recognition, AND deep cynicism, but Glenn is still one of the few I know of who has the first two out of the three.

Merry fucking Christmas everyone.

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Dec 28, 2020Liked by Glenn Greenwald

Fabulous essay Glenn. Keep up the great work and I'm proud to be giving you a bit of money each month. And thank you for taking care of so many people and dogs in Brazil. You are a real hero of mine. :-)

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ANOTHER opinion piece, Glenn? No new news reported?

I certainly agree with your perspective, but DUH!

How about INVESTIGATING and REPORTING real news, for once.

How about INVESTIGATING and REPORTING on all the shocking evidence contained in HUNDREDS of affidavits from election workers presenting evidence of ELECTION FRAUD when the MSM claims there is "no evidence" ?

How about INVESTIGATING and REPORTING on the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop ?

Honestly, I can't believe I paid $50 for this BS.

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Darn it, Glenn. If you keep writing a balanced account of the actions and record of the Trumpster's time in office, I am going to be left with a ton of unsold ORANGE MAN BAD! merch. Can't you hold out the slim possibility that millions will die from taking one of the multiple vaccines developed under Operation Warp Speed so we can blame him for SOMETHING FOREVER?!?!! I mean I've got 80 year old neighbors that were promised by the Democrats there wouldn't be a vaccine to take until mid-2021 at the earliest, and now they're already making appointments to get the shot less than two months after the election! How is this even possible??!! What a bummer........

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And this has been obvious for years. If Trump wanted to be Hitler, he was the worst Hitler ever.

But we did see a lot of tyranny this year. Mostly from D governors who were more than happy to step it and take the reins of power.

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Appreciate the work Glenn. I find it hard not to be demoralized daily with the knowledge that even attempting civil conversation on this very issue (the primary reason I supported Trump over the Democrats after previously never supporting a republican party candidate) will get me lambasted even at home for even considering that Trump was not that bad. That we could and are doing by giving the reigns to someone as corrupt as Biden (China) or as fake as Kamala. The smear campaign of the establishment was so effective that was it clear and obvious fake platitudes and politicking coming from Biden/Harris is eaten up like candy in light of the orange man being bad narrative.

I still consider myself a liberal, but I also recognize that there are other ways to address problems because one viewpoint can't have all the answers to all the social and economic ills of a country. It would be stupid to think otherwise. I see what the policies of one party have historically been doing to the many major cities and it just seems like commone sense to give the other guys a shot, since what has been tried clearly isn't working and may not be intended to work in the first place. But if the people want despots I guess they get what they asked for and deserve.

This is just depressing. I dont know how to get beyond this. Where has BLM gone since the summer? Silence. Yet the people who praised and defended their antics are just as silent. No orange man tp rally against. No more funds to be raised for democrat candidates, rather than local communities that could use them.

What does it take to get the average person to realize they are wrong about something?

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Great article, Glenn. Inverted Totalitarianism, as outlined by Sheldon Wolin (RIP) in "Democracy Incorporated" is upon us. Shout-out to Aldous Huxley, who wrote in 1958:

"Under the relentless thrust of accelerating over-population and increasing over-organization, and by means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old forms -- elections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the rest -- will remain. The underlying substance will be a new kind of non-violent totalitarianism. All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days. 'Democracy' and 'freedom' will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial -- but democracy and freedom in a strictly Pickwickian sense. Meanwhile the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit." -- Brave New World Revisited.

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Yes. It turns out, Trump isn't a Nazi after all. Our first clue? When the court struck down his Travel Ban, and he reformulated it to comply with the court ruling. But half the country still believes the hysteria. If you look back at the 4-year game that was played, it is clear that someone really, really didn't want him in office. Trump wasn't the usual collegial swapping of Red for Blue (yawn, policies remain the same) and back again. The election of Trump meant the End of the Known World. To Someone. Heaven and earth had to be moved to remove him from office.

Who, do you think, was scared of Trump? And why? CCP and their US business cronies? Eternal War gang? CIA/NSA/FBI?

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Re: Authoritarianism

Rather than address human and economic fatalities consequential of draconian, misinformed and arguably unconstitutional restrictions, rather than transparent communication of policies based on real science and data, public demand to cease erosion of rights and freedoms is ignored, while fact-based debate and dissent is censored and attacked.

The World Health Organization has declared no evidence exists for asymptomatic transmission of SARS-CoV-2. The WHO, CDC and the omniscient Drs. Fauci and Birx should be expected to repeat the mask "flip-flop" and advise of their own studies demonstrating harm of prolonged mask use and negligible viral protection.

The CDC website continues to mirror findings of a dubiously retracted Johns Hopkins study, which stated overall death rates have not increased significantly over 2019 and further, "Instead of the expected drastic increase across all causes, there was a significant decrease in deaths due to heart disease [and] all other causes...the total decrease in deaths by other causes almost exactly equals the increase in deaths by COVID-19."

The Johns Hopkins study confirms survival rates of 99.9% within the demographic comprising relatively healthy patients presenting with no co-morbidities susceptible to the corona family. Relatively healthy patients aged 70 and over, demonstrate survival rates of 94%. As with any corona virus, including seasonal influenza and the common cold, death rates increase markedly and correlate directly with presentation of susceptible co-morbidities, especially among the elderly.

Dr. Kary Mullis, received a 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for invention of the polymerase chain reaction technique, or PCR. Prior to his recent passing, Mullis repeatedly and explicitly warned of PCR misuse, stating "Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron." Mullis stated viral identification is impossible with PCR. The technique is not valid as a diagnostic test for infection, as it merely amplifies fragments, or segments of RNA or DNA, which pose no threat to the carrier, nor any chance of transmission. PCR was designed as a scientific research tool, not a medical diagnostic.

Excessive cycle thresholds (Ct), or amplifications, resulting in rampant positive misdiagnoses, render the technique meaningless as measurement of infection, case and death rates. Mullis stated cycle thresholds as high as 30 and 40 allow for "...almost anything" to be found in "almost anyone." Moreover, segments identified at cycles of 30 or greater, simply cannot replicate a virus in culture, which should be the universally accepted medical diagnostic.

The United States and United Kingdom currently certify COVID-19 deaths if the patient tested positive via PCR within 28 days of passing, while underlying co-morbidities are ignored; UK certification requires no lab test, as medical practitioners may certify based solely on opinion. Why waste time and money on invalid PCR?

The WHO Model List of Essential Medicines has included hydroxychloroquine for decades. Studies have proven an hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc combination, applied during early infection, almost guarantees survival rates similar to those presented by Briand's Johns Hopkins study.

Cui bono? Governments have acquired or simply usurped greater power. Pharmaceutical companies will amass fortunes from tax-payers, to be shared with elected officials and bureaucrats associated and invested with Big Pharma, especially in the US and UK.

The "scamdemic" has been a vehicle for the largest transition of wealth in history. The wealthiest 10,000 individuals world-wide have, since the WHO's pandemic declaration, accrued an estimated US $10 trillion. Vaccines add to that wealth; mandatory vaccines guarantee that wealth, while penalties for dissent provide incentive for compliance.

The "Event 201" media simulation, organized by the Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins, et al., presented mere months prior to pandemic declaration, mirrors, with almost exact precision and prescience, that which has transpired as a result of declaration. Production value was obvious, demanding months, if not years, of planning.

The Great Barrington Declaration, endorsed by more medical practitioners and scientific academics than the population of Yukon, cannot be ignored. Until the Declaration is acknowledged and adopted as sound policy, the current, destructive response will continue to shred basic human rights and claim far more lives than the virus.

DIY - Disabled in YT

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"While Trump radically escalated bombing campaigns he inherited from Bush and Obama, he started no new wars. "

For the record you are ignoring one important fact: Trump's total bombing campaign accelerated in years one and two but massively dropped of in years 3 and 4. His average bombs dropped is significantly lower than prior presidencies this century.


Trump's increase in Afghanistan bombings also eventually got the Taliban to the negotiating table for peace, which is something prior presidents this century also failed to do.

But Iraq/Syria bombs dropped fell in numbers by an order of magnitude.

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Perhaps the most interesting thing you missed in your article Glenn is not how Trump has not engaged in the authoritarian behaviors everyone claimed he would eventually do as part of his Evil Plan but how the vast majority of governors did EXACTLY THAT.

Up to and including using photos from prior year gatherings of Jews to target them for executive and legal action (because that always bodes well...)

VERY FEW governors chose a good path through this crisis. Some made some good decisions at some points, but there was a lot of bad to go with the rare bits of good.

This year is going to make the history books when it comes to emergency management as we review the whole of the world and who did what that worked and didn't work within the confines of the freedoms allowed by each country and state.

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I mostly agree with this critique, but what's the hope when the problem is civilization wide loss of sanity? The whole population is just being herded into authoritarian hell with hardly a complaint. All of my friends on the left spend time wailing about corporatists while at the same time go right along with destroying half the country's businesses. They hate the police but happily usher in a whole new level of police state with far more petty policing then ever before. Our problems are deep and cultural, there's no simple solution.

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Fantastic piece GG. Thanks for the brain food. All I want for x-mas is an Assange and Snowden pardon! Hope it is just stuck in the mail.

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I’m not easily intimidated about stating my opinion, even when it’s unpopular...until recently. I voted Green but, truthfully, I was more worried about a Biden admin than 4 more years of Trump. It has very little to do with the personal qualities of either man, as I don’t think either of them would be running the show, or even have a good idea of where the show was. Trump has some very powerful, well financed allies and donors, particularly among the religious right, but they’re no match for Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the Pentagon, MSM, and the CIA. On the existential issues of climate change and nuclear holocaust, I give Biden the edge on climate, but Biden’s neocon entourage scares the Hell out of me. Trump is erratic and reckless, but like all bullies and the Cold warriors of my youth there is some sense of self preservation. The neocons surrounding Biden seem to think radiation doesn’t apply to them. As far as providing for the American ppl, I have no reason to believe Biden will be any kinder or gentler to the poor, working class or middle class than Trump. His record suggests a lack of empathy rivaling Trump’s. Neither one will impede the corporate takeover of govt so I’d rather not foam the runways for the most powerful among them: Wall St and Silicon Valley. Stating any of these opinions nowadays will get you attacked and censored, which is why it’s so important to keep sharing them. You’re a mensch, Glenn.

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