Update on This Substack Platform and Free Speech Venues Generally

More details, for subscribers only, on the journalism-expanding project we are about to unveil.

A couple of week ago, I described — in a subscribers-only video — a new project I have been working on that will significantly expand and enhance the journalism we do here, as well as fortify the cause of free speech and free discourse on the internet generally. The work required to put that together has been somewhat intense, and — along with an apparent demand of my brain to rest a little — has been the primary cause of why I have not done much reporting or writing over the last ten days or so.

But now I am extremely excited that the project is quite close to completion, and its announcement and unveiling is imminent. I wanted to provide a few more details for my subscribers about this project and what I hope it can achieve, so recorded this short ten-minute video that will explain why I really believe in what we are about to do:

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