Kinzinger openly proved that he is dangerous and unhinged…

…his demented aggression against President Trump shows he’s an Intelligence State plant

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My empirical observations are that on social media you cannot have a rational conversation about Ukraine without being attacked as a traitor.

In Europe, especially in former communist countries, the anti-Russian sentiment is so strong that again no rational debate is available.

In the UK, until the invasion, surprisingly most people could see the nuances in the whole situation. Even those who would get triggered over discussing lockdowns or lab leaks were willing to have a good, civilised debate.

Since the invasion, there has been a split in the anti-lockdown group. Those that didn't believe in lockdowns due to their critical thinking are still able to rationally discuss. Those who opposed lockdowns, purely because of their libertarian leanings are now firmly in the Putin is an evil madman, no discussion camp.


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You'd think we would have learned from the War On Iraq.

Seems we didn't.

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Over the past few days as I was flipping through channels watching the coverage, I immediately noticed that every station was reporting in an extremely dramatic fashion. Breathless commentary, vivid videos playing on a never ending loop of the same incident, and even dramatic music playing as a background to the pictures of explosions. War gets ratings. War makes money for the news outlets. As Glenn said, War allows the media to label anyone as a traitor if they have the “wrong” viewpoint. Don’t dare question anything. Including the fact that Ukraine was known for its corruption and bribery. Ask Hunter Biden. And Joe Biden. And Jim Biden. I don’t want Russia to take over Ukraine. I don’t want war there. And I definitely don’t want our troops anywhere near there. But don’t call me a traitor because of it.

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Just had it out with an acquaintance.

He said, "Fuck Putin. Bring on WW3." I advised him to sign up his children to fight, and failing that, go fight himself. Of course, this brought great offense.

If you're new the anti-war fight, keep that question in your toolkit. It's a powerful one.

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I find these comments by Thierry Meyssan helpful to understand what's going on in Ukraine:

"A few hours ago the Russian army conducted airstrikes against the sector of the Ukrainian armed forces that is linked to NATO. In 3 hours, the Russian army wiped out the entire Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses and will continue its operation by next attacking the Azov battalion and all the Nazi officials that the United States and the United Kingdom introduced into the Ukrainian government. ‎

This should be good news for everyone, but here, in France, this operation is being portrayed as an invasion against Ukraine and as the forthcoming arrival of the Russian bear in Paris. So don’t be fooled. because there are very important elements that we are not being told. ‎ ‎

Only those aspects referring directly to Ukraine are reported on, but the general context is overlooked. And that context proves Russia right, as I am going to explain to you. ‎

In October, Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary of State, traveled to Russia and, in Moscow, she threatened to crush the Russian economy and demanded the resignation of President Vladimir Putin. But you never heard about it. Look it up online. It is very easy to verify. ‎

Later, [Victoria Nuland] went to Ukraine and ushered in Dimitro Yarosh, a NATO agent renowned for having set up – in 2007– the great Mariupol meeting [in Ukraine] bringing together European Nazi organizations and jihadists from all parts to go to fight against Russia in Chechnya. It was the same Dimitro Yarosh who – in 2014 – backed by his troops from the Right Sector [Pravy Sektor], organized the Maidan Square events and the “regime change” in Ukraine. He was later injured and disappeared for a while. Now he’s back. ‎

So [Victoria Nuland] installed Dimitro Yarosh as special adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army [1], who is a perfectly democratic and normal man, but now he has been flanked by this character [Dimitro Yarosh]. And now this character has incorporated the Azov battalion – which is a truly Nazi group, with Nazi insignia and everything and which is led by the ‎‎“White Fuhrer” [Andrey ‎Biletsky] [2] – into the Ukrainian army. ‎

This is news that should have come as a shock to all of us ... but the media in France never reported on it.

So the Russians planned their response. ‎

In December, they sent the United States a draft proposal for a treaty aiming to guarantee peace. Therein, the United States is urged to respect International Law, as it was elaborated over time, first by the government of France and the imperial government of the Russian Tsar – in 1899, at the Hague Conference – and later formulated in the United Nations Charter –in 1945– and by the Third World countries –in 1955, with the Bandung Principles. ‎

This treaty is obviously unacceptable to the United States because for 70 years the United States has violated International Law on a daily basis and pretends to substitute it with a set of rules of its own, self-proclaiming, along with its allies, to stand for the “international community”. Well... [those countries] are not even half of the world’s population but they claim to run the world. ‎

The Russians are calling first and foremost for NATO to withdraw from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, which should never have joined that bloc if the Potsdam Conference agreements had been respected – in 1945, at the end of World War II – which stipulated that US forces could only establish a presence west of the Oder-Neisse border, which separates Poland and Germany. Later, at the time of Germany’s reunification, France was very insistent that NATO should not expand to the east and there was even a long debate as to whether NATO forces would be allowed in the eastern part of Germany. – the former GDR– or be concentrated in the western part – the then Federal Republic of Germany. ‎

Finally there was an agreement – was endorsed by France – providing that the former East Germany would become part of NATO, within the framework of the reunification, but that there would be no expansion of NATO beyond.

And this was repeated several times, first within the OSCE – the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, born from the Helsinki agreements – in which 57 states signed 2 declarations. Fifty-seven States! ‎‎All the States of the European continent and even others since, for example, the United States ‎and Canada are also members!‎

Firstly, the OSCE recognized, in the 1999 Istanbul Declaration and in the 2010 Astana Declaration, that each State is free to sign on to the military alliance of its choice – France, for example, is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty, allying herself to the United States. ‎

But, secondly, it was also recognized that no State, absolutely no State!, can guarantee its security to the detriment of the security of others. And, from this point of view, joining NATO is illegal, yes illegal! Because NATO is not a confederation, in which everyone has equal status; it is a federation under the command of the United States and the United Kingdom. making the other States vassals of the United States and the United Kingdom. ‎

And France, unfortunately, returned to NATO, with [President] Nicolas Sarkozy, from which it had withdrawn under General de Gaulle, in 1966. General de Gaulle had expelled from French territory all occupation forces of the United States… that was the term he used, “occupation forces of the United States”. It’s not me who says it! ‎But we [the French] have once again willingly embraced our vassalage to the United States. ‎

So, Russia has called for the withdrawal of NATO forces from the entire territory of Central and Eastern Europe. They can still remain signatories of the North Atlantic Treaty. That is not the problem. ‎

And International Law will also have to be enforced in Western Europe. International Law, inter alia, prohibits the installation of nuclear weapons in countries that do not possess such weapons themselves. ‎

So, for example, what are there US [nuclear] weapons doing in Italy or in the Netherlands? It is an outright violation of international law. And that will have to end. ‎

We must realize that the United States is no longer the world’s leading economic power. It is now China. ‎

And it is no longer the first military power in the world. It is Russia. During the war in Syria – a war that NATO forces lost – Russia tested all kinds of new weapons that NATO cannot compete with. Only last weekend Russia showed that it has the capability to nuclearly destroy any target anywhere in the world without being intercepted because – as demonstrated – it deploys hypersonic launchers from submarines, from surface vessels, from bomber planes and mobile ground units. She can fire those launchers and destroy anything she wants anywhere in the world. It is impossible to deflect them because they move too fast. At the moment there is no way they can be intercepted. In minutes she can destroy whatever she wants and we should wonder that would happen if one day Russia may have to use such weapons against the Pentagon, the White House or the United States Congress. ‎

I don’t say that as a provocation. What I am saying is that if Russia were to do so, the United States would not have time to intercept them, it would not even have time to use its own nuclear weapons.

Let’s take things seriously and respect International Law. It’s what we all want. And it is in everyone’s interest. So bravo for what Russia just did today!‎"

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the chicken hawks are out in full force. Ready to send our soldiers to be killed and maimed in another meaningless folly. While our border is overrun with illegals, and nothing gets done. In fact these same chicken hawks would call it racist and inhumane to send troops to defend our southern border. They would rather protect Ukrainians border. These people are deranged. There is no integrity or leadership at any level of government, including our military commanders. They are all war profiteers that sit in there fortresses and could give one iota about the men they lead. This has the makings of another military embarassment written all over it that will do nothing but fatten the pockets of those associated with war inc.

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Feb 27, 2022·edited Feb 27, 2022

Many Americans may be propagandized into hating Russia, but I wonder how many Americans hate Russia enough to want to get involved with the war in Ukraine.

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At this point, having been lied to (with the truth being not in any way favorable to the role the United States government is playing in the world and or even in genuinely protecting our health and wellbeing here at home) about absolutely everything of significance starting with the Afghanistan War, the Iraq War, warrantless surveillance, CIA torture chambers, and drone killings but also including Wall Street bailouts, mandatory health care insurance, Libya, Wikileaks, Russiagate, COVID-19 (everything from lab leaks to PCR false positives to lockdown and vaccine efficacy), and far more, all of these lies essentially emanating from the same fairly small cast of characters and amplified by the same corporate media outlets, I'm not granting them the benefit of the doubt that they "could" be right this time at all. No, until I see solid evidence to the contrary, I think it's safe to assume they're up to no good once again, more recklessly than ever this time with nuclear annihilation absolutely on the table, and once again, they're lying about everything.

And I don't have to look very far into it in order to obtain additional evidence that would only reinforce my "priors" as mentioned above. It's not exactly news in geopolitics to state that any move that would seek to rearrange "the Grand Chessboard" in such a way as to change the balance of power between two rivals is fundamentally just as aggressive as an act of violence itself. After all, the United States itself brought the world as close as its ever been to a nuclear exchange in defense of this very point during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, and I've not ever seen anyone question whether we were right to do it.

It's not even close to a secret, in fact it's been widely and publicly acknowledged, that the U.S. and our allies have been actively trying to bring Ukraine into NATO, and basic physics and geography can tell us that were we to successfully do so, Russia's ability to defend itself would be severely compromised. Given those facts, what's the argument that Putin is not morally and ethically justified in attempting to prevent that from happening? It's arguably a foolhardy errand, and likely not in the best interest of the U.S, Europe and even (most of) Ukraine itself, but we grant geopolitical actors the right to defend their interests on the geopolitical stage. In any case, it's not "evil" to defend one's interest, in any moral or ethical system of which I'm aware, other than pacifism I suppose.

And as much as Putin is not evil, there's also plenty of good evidence already in public view that the current rulers of Ukraine are not plainly "good". They came to power in a CIA-fomented coup less than a year before a scheduled election; they've publicly welcomed straight-up, self-avowed neo-Nazi's into their military ranks, they've chosen to antagonize Russia with repeated public attempts to join NATO, they didn't follow the terms of the Minsk Agreement re: the Donbas separatist regions, they meddled in our own domestic politics both in 2016 and during the Trump impeachment. They're not heroes. They look no different than Putin, corrupt, self-interested.

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It ALL starts with modern “original sin” and the Big Lie.

Key players in the Russia-gate hoax and impeachment “entertainments” are now celebrating about “all but certain major war in Europe a la WW2” which they eagerly stoked.

Repulsive ghouls Adam Schiff, colonel Alexander Windman (an extremist Ukrainian), Jake Sullivan, advisor to Hillary who played key role in the Russia-gate hoax and is now national security advisor to Biden (he “replaced” Michael Flynn), Fiona Hill (a rabid Cold War warrior on National Security Council).

SAME lying bastards who led the scam of the century concocted by the SAME lying team -- Obama-Biden-Hillary-Pelosi-Schumer-Schiff and the rest of DNC-CIA/FBI cabal.

Adam Schiff has been, for years, a leading recipient of huge “donations” by arm industry – his main source of funds. Remember when Raytheon in 2013 put on a Beyonce concert to promote Adam Schiff? This despicable -- that human excrement and serial liar is among leading Congress warmongers and recipient of arm industry donations.


Schiff is now driving government’s domestic terrorism legislation !!

In his free time this loathsome grifter wants to write a novel – of all things about Holocaust.

The entire Russia-gate lying team is back in FULL power -- we are now paying the price for not fully unmasking the brazen scam of the century. Of course, Trump and GOP lunatics were and remain VERY bad – however, DNC lying and warmongering team is INFINITELY more dangerous.

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It's fascinating that finally there are real Nazi's, real 'white supremacists' and no problem, we support them.

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This is an error of underestimating your (now) enemy's resolve with potentially deadly consequences for all of us.

There are no good outcomes now, only less horrible ones. And frankly, Russia getting its way here may be the least horrible one. Anyone who thinks Western forces can come into contact with Russian forces without it spiraling out of control is the worst kind of fool.

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Thank you for this reminder.

Two years of National Emergency and when its absurdity and indefensibility is finally widely acknowledged, a new “National Emergency” emerges.

We must remember how easily supposedly self-evident morality may ennoble political machinations.


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I stopped caring what they said after they called me unpatriotic for not going along with Iraq. I haven't seen a reason to start caring now.

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Words cannot express how despondent I am over the state of this country. The nation is being lead by liars, hypocrites, thieves, ignoramuses and sociopaths.

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Follow the money. Who benefits from beating the war drums? The simplest answer is usually the correct one:

1. the defense industry, with deep ties to sitting Congressmen and Senators

2. the anti-Trump proponents of "Russian collusion"

Both of these groups have a vested interest in keeping the anti-Russia narrative alive. Obviously, Putin now gives them plenty of ammunition, but a nuanced look at Russian history and motivations for the incursion into Ukraine suggests a slightly different story.

In reality, the Russians for years have been warning against Ukraine's cozying up to Nato. The eastern provinces that wish to rejoin Russia also have been a strong irritant in Ukraine-Russian relations. Ukraine would have been wiser to negotiate some kind of autonomy deal for the predominantly Russian speaking provinces, and also offer neutrality from Nato, in exchange for the cheap Russian oil and gas which was cut off a few years ago much to Ukraine's detriment.

Then there is China, opportunistically signing a long term contract with Russia for oil and gas and wheat purchases, completely substituting for any boycotts now being contemplated in the West. As a result, Russia becomes effectively owned by China and the two vast countries now present a geo-political challenge to a weak, vacillating United States currently governed by a senile man. (Arguably, the White House is currently being run by a mediocre woman with a Ph.D. in community college education who has zero knowledge of statecraft. One supposes the President's son is continuing to exploit international contacts for personal gain, with complete impunity and lack of scrutiny from a compliant mainstream media.)

Even here, on Substack, one notices an emotional and irrational response to any suggestion that the Russians may have rational motivations for what they are doing. "Putin is evil, Putin is the new Hitler!" they bray. Of course U.S. politicians do this; 20 years ago it was Bin Laden, then Saddam. Then most recently, Donald Trump. And now, Putin. Nothing ever changes. And ignorant, naive Americans will be duped into possibly entering a conflict that could easily end in an unthinkable nuclear war.

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