Great perspectives on Brazilian politics and leaders that are helpful in understanding what’s going on down there. Thanks!

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The idea that exposing how the government manipulates public opinion is somehow authoritarianism is a triumph of Newspeak.

"When exposing crimes is treated as a crime, you are ruled by criminals."

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Here is another analysis of this situation: “Why the CIA attempted a ‘Maidan uprising’ in Brazil”: https://thecradle.co/Article/Columns/20209.

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"Then we'll talk to independent journalist Michael Tracey about a new study proving what was already clear to any rational person that the handful of Russian bots on Twitter played ALMOST no role in affecting anything during the 2016 U.S. presidential election."

This, as Caitlin Johnstone correctly points out, is disinfo. Why can't you come out and say it outright that the handful of Russian bots had NO ROLE in affecting anything during the 2016 POTUS election?

Her article can be found here. If Michael Tracy and Glenn Greenwald reduce themselves to being Tim Starks of the Washington Post's parrots, they deserve to be pushed in front of the next bus, or better yet, subway train.

Have I got your attention, Glenn?

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Was President Trump briefed on the 40+ CIA operated Bioweapons “research facilities” in Ukraine...

...or that hunter*/Burisma/Cofer Black (CIA) owned a stake in one

Maybe these were the Top Secret documents stolen by traitorous biden* and the Ruling Intelligence State...

...remember the January 2017 “secret meeting” of obama* (all above board as Nuland e-mailed herself) when they DISCUSSED withholding “classified” intelligence for President Trump

We were led to believe that these were pissgate documents...

...but it appears they were Russia, Ukraine and China intelligence

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Who judges the judge? Is he free to do any totalitarian acts what so ever, or is there a potential impeachment method in the Brazilian constitution?

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Always great to hear an insider perspective. Cuts thru the fog.

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Going against democracy to save democracy is being attempted this weekend in the Middle East with a retired judge/character named Aron Barak.

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Thank you, Glenn, for providing the critical context for the Brazilian protests. Whenever someone compares an event or group to Trump's events and his followers, my spidey sense goes into high alert. It's a far too facile way to demonize, in the minds of the liberals (distinct from the true left), what others are doing or believing.

It is interesting that Judge Moraes is doing very much the same thing that the supposed liberals in Congress are doing by forcing the removal of folks, usually right wing, from social media that they disapprove of. It's just a judge instead of the US Security State and politicians.

I really enjoy reading your monologues, keep up the good work.

I hope David is doing better and on the road to recovery.

Stay safe.

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Thank you !!

There is a direct connection

- between brazen DNC + Deep State immense Russia-gate hoax

- and the "unprovoked” US proxy war against CAPITALIST Russia

- and the insane and total support for Nazi-dominated US-puppet government of Ukraine

- while just in CA there are100,000+ homeless citizens living in miles long cardboard and tent shantytowns...

We live in an "Empire of Lies" and are witnessing an orgy of 1%-er thieves

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"to doubt the integrity of their institutions until Donald Trump taught the world how to do this."

If he had, it would have been a major, major contribution to humanity. But I think most of us were well aware of "the integrity of our institutions" long before that - in my case, for 60-odd years.

OTOH, actually breaking into the Capitol was a new one on me, and the actions in Brazilia certainly resemble it. It's been done before, but usually in the context of a real, armed insurrection - and since 1812, not, I think, in the US. As someone who vividly remembers 1968, I was a bit envious. We didn't carry our resistance that far. Granted, they were pretty helpless once they got in (with help from the Capitol police?), and meekly left when faced with real resistance. Still, that's a very impressive demonstration. Which is why it's still reverberating.

(I should say that I don't sympathize a bit with their goals, but admire their passion.)

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Glenn, you didn't mention a single thing about US involvement in the Brazil elections -- "Top officials from the White House, Defense Department, State Department, and even the CIA have held meetings and calls with Brazilian officials . . ." before, during and after the election, according to this article "How Team Biden Tried to Coup-Proof Brazil’s Elections, " https://foreignpolicy.com/2022/10/28/brazil-elections-bolsonaro-democracy-biden/

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What I want to know if Brazil is safe nowadays to travel to as an American tourist?

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Wish I was retired and had more time to dig into all of this excellent journalism, but the WEF has us too busy to see what is happening.. Sad.

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Well Glenn you do not censor me as I thought. So I am still on board.

We do not agree but this is good.

I do not mind being called a troll by binary thinkers with little knowledge from where they speak.

Thanks for not censoring my comments

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I want to chime in, a little late, to say that my family in Brazil - even the Bolsonaristas who disagree with Glenn's political views in Brazil - agree that this is a pretty fair recording of things as they stand. The coverage of Brazil in the US is abysmal and it's nice to see a fair take that adds to understanding.

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