There is only one party that holds Power - the Uniparty. A Corporate Oligarchy with global yearnings and shifting alliances, it serves not the People, but its own Power. Those who oppose the Uniparty are deemed illegitimate and illegal, and will be set for persecution and destruction...

that is how you will know who is on the side of the people.

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Russia's security concerns and explicitly stated "red lines" have been completely ignored by the US War party and its corporate (de facto, state) media stenographers. US State Dept. “didn't notice” that capitalist Russia has not been Communist for 30+ years.

Of course, the Russia-gate hoax is a huge factor – SAME lying team is in power. A solution -- any discussion on why proxy war against capitalist and democratic Russia must be totally suppressed

We do live in CONTINUUM: FBI and Edgar Hoover’s crimes and surveillance === CIA-FBI and St. Obama, Biden, Clapper, Brennan, Hayden, Mitch McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer === SAME despicable fascist anti-American monstrosities.

And -- a “puzzling and completely irrational” DNC/media/security state propaganda. BUT -- there is a VERY rational reason for that: We are dealing with BIG Lie(s) – Russia-gate immense hoax is directly connected with support for Nazi-dominated US-puppet government of Ukraine.

ANY, even a most rudimentary, public discussion would unravel the lie(s) -- total censorship and prompt defamation of perceived opponents are the ONLY choice for the immensely corrupt Deep State cabal.

A sad thing is that GOP lunatics are equally repulsive and dangerous (a la McConnell, Mark Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Mike Pompeo, Bolton -- happily grunting together while feeding at same donor troughs.

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As time goes by [starting next Monday] it'll become clear the "concessions" won by the "holdout patriots" are completely illusory.... last week was "sound and fury signifying nothing." No one will be held accountable for intelligence community abuses and the debt ceiling will be increased. Sure, there'll be some fun twists and turns along the way....but the bottom line is the uniparty marches on.

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It's pretty clear that continuing this deliberation is a literal insurrection, the gravest existential threat to the lives of every American since the 1/6/21 genocide.

The National Guard must be dispatched immediately and martial law declared until this threat to democracy has been crushed.

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I'd love to read this article but the world has been plunged into unending darkness because the House was unable to work for almost a whole week. These truly are the End Times.

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"Our Constitution, thankfully, has lots of protections to prevent either of these groups, whether it's people on the right or the left, from violating our rights. So, we built this Constitution with minority protections, but we have generally a majoritarian system, and everyone is allowed to participate and present their views. And if people don't like it, they don't vote for it. That's the way it's supposed to work.": Right you are, Mr. Amash. Unfortunately, the "group" on the left has decided that it is their duty to violate the rights of anyone who disagrees with them . . . and, so far, this group of self-appointed 'elites' is getting away with it. As in the McCarthy years, when the right abused its powers, so too it is now up to our Judicial branch of our government to reign in this unconstitutional and destructive behavior of the left.

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This was great Matt, very informative about how the House works and why so many Americans are frustrated about the DC establishment control over the purse.

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"Have you ever noticed how often you hear that even temporary failure to snap into line and heed the orders of establishment decrees creates grave dangers for America?"

There are two sick actors here:

One - A paid "Uniparty Propagandist"

Two - Someone that has "Uniparty Propaganda Sickness"

And then there are people not so sick of these things, but programmed into a high-compliance mode.

Thank the education system for this last one. I have two Millennial sons that work for me. I have decades of experience navigating government regulations. We sit down to discuss some regulatory hurdle and my creative ideas to actually run a successful business that they regulations seem designed to prevent, and my two sons resist. They are lit up on compliance risk. The poor kids were effectively abused by their K-12 experience to march in line with the collective. They are irrationally fearful that something bad will happen if we step out of line one inch.

I have a lot of work to do before I pass.

The reason that the kids supported the 2 years of "we will resit" marches and 18 months of violent protesting and yet think Jan-6 was an atrocity and "insurrection" is that, to them, thanks to their previous K-12 programming and the work of the Uniparty Propagandists, the former was popular and sanctioned compliance and the latter was not.

See how that works?

That is also why the Uniparty was so committed to take out Trump... a true populist President. Because the work done by the Uniparty to program young voters into compliance mode was at risk of a 100% turn toward Trump-compliance.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I think these 20 House GOP members are heroes... possible greater than were the founding fathers. Because they are the first to take a needed stand against the Uniparty. But it will not be enough. It will not really help until and unless we have more independent journalists breaking out of the Uniparty control and writing the truth. Basically we need more Glenn Greewalds going journalism hero work.

Then the bravery of these 20 House GOP members will be not wasted.

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I note only that none of the people that Epstein allegedly trafficked underaged girls to has been convicted, indicted, arrested or even questioned.

This comment is more apropos than it may seem at first.

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BRAVO “Censored News” – for using correct term for a photo of Biden's Digital Director Rob Flaherty:

“ This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a modern fascist looks like: Rob Flaherty. “

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Maybe with the small number of courageous politicians finally in power, willing to stand up to the establishment things will start in the right direction. Add to this the public prayer on the NFL fields and TV commentators following the tragic on field heart attack Damar suffered (likely vaccine induced), and we may just have hope again in the country. A restoration to original values for America could really be a game changer.

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Yeah good. They're calling a roughly 10% reduction in DOD spending a victory. LMAO. I'm sure there will be an override on that any moment. Everybody still mostly sending their hapless children to government schools, voting, paying taxes, watching TV, getting fat, consuming crap, what the hell, think I'll watch tv and eat some ice cream.

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Democracy only works with a competent people. We have cultivated several generations of incompetents. You can't have a functional democratic society when half of that society is too ignorant to participate, and half of the rest are too corrupt to allow participation, and the rest are too weak to overcome it. The eventual solution is correcting the failures of the education system that produced this disaster. But that won't happen peacefully.

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Cannot get locals to accept that I am already subscribed??? No place to use a sign in on the Apple app

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Right now I'm worrying if Glenn will be safe with this coup going on in Brazil. If this is a foreign regime change thing going on, I wouldn't expect it would be a safe time for Glenn either. 

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Wow. Phenomenal read. Now I know why John Boehner was crying saying goodbye to Nancy Pelosi.

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