This is a spectacularly brilliant political and legal analysis. I assumed Glenn's silence the last week or so meant he was working on something big, but this is far beyond anything I could have imagined. This is the finest writing and analysis I have seen in my 64 years. Glenn is a genius. A national treasure. A freedom fighter.

This is so extraordinary that I found myself pausing after every sentence to contemplate and savor. It is encyclopedic and irrefutable.

The power in Glenn Greenwald's mind and writing is incredible. We could even say that this bombshell is of nuclear magnitude.

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I'll no doubt be a minority opinion, but I think that at this point to much of the country, the Democrats just look ridiculous. Yes, of course, there is a sizable minority foolish enough and credulous enough and biased enough to buy the "worse than 9/11" stuff. But Biden has been so manifestly awful, the attempt by the far Left to destroy the American Family by means of CRT and outright porn in the classroom so unbelievably evil, the erasure of our southern border so purposefully malign, that I believe this congressional inquisition begins to look like the joke it is to the majority of the country. Of course it's no joke for the political prisoners whose rights are being spit on.

One half expects the law enforcement types to act like thugs, but that the judges have allowed this to go on for so long is beyond depressing. I get all that. But our best weapon is the always over-reaching Democrats. By their insane actions they've done us a great service by demonstrating to the country exactly what evil villains they are. I'm optimistic for the first time in a long time. We shall prevail. I will take time. And it won;'t be easy. But 2022 is almost here. The tidal wave of moral revulsion in the form of votes will be historic.

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This one article is worth the price of a year’s subscription. I don’t have anything to say but thank you - I’m still digesting and dealing with my feelings after finishing it.

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I love how the narrative requires pretending there was no unrest or violence after Trump won in 2016, pretending there was no plans for violence in case he won again, and pretending there have been no forceful occupations of legislatures for political purposes in the past. Anyone remember the Wisconsin state capital or the Kavanaugh hearings?

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Today's 'Writer's Almanac' mentions the birthday of Arthur Miller, and concludes with this quote reflecting his thoughts on his play 'The Crucible'

""Poetry may seem an odd word for a witch-hunt," he wrote in 2000, "but I saw there was something of the marvellous in the spectacle of a whole village, if not an entire province, whose imagination was captured by a vision of something that wasn't there. [...] More than a political metaphor, more than a moral tale, The Crucible, as it developed over more than a year, became the awesome evidence of the power of human imagination inflamed, the poetry of suggestion, and the tragedy of heroic resistance to a society possessed to the point of ruin."

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I always appreciate the parallels that Glenn provides across the political spectrum. Both parties are guilty of this behavior. As always well written and I wish we had more true journalism and the patience to read these types of pieces. Thank you Glenn.

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Glenn is the new ACLU 💗

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I suppose I shouldn't have waited until now, but the very word 'insurrection' is bad English in this case. Insurrection doesn't mean what you want it to mean, it means a rebellion against a government of some kind. Even if you take the 1/6 people at their word, they were trying to compel Pence "lawful authority" to take some kind of action "not accept slates of electors from certain states". That's probably not legal somehow, but it certainly isn't an insurrection. Probably explains why the charges have been mostly trespassing type stuff. Ironically enough, CHAZ in Seattle _was_ an insurrection.

The fact that so many people keep repeating this just means they are sheeple. Or dumb.

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Go on DuckDuckGo and search for “Kavanaugh protest storm”. I am still waiting for someone to explain what storming the capitol, senate chambers etc was encouraged just 2 years prior by democrats while now it’s suddenly become an “insurrection”.

How CHAZ was allowed, burning churches and court houses and innocent businesses was allowed but bunch of yahoos walking into the capitol, lead and allowed in by the capitol cops, walking in straight line within the red velvet ropes is somehow “armed insurrection”?

Somehow trump supporters are the biggest gun owners and yet not a single gun was found on these armed insurrectionists. “DNC liberals” have become some of the biggest mental gymnastics experts and authoritarians.

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Thank you. Those two words sound trite, don't they. Thank you. But how do I express what I feel deeply after reading this extraordinary indictment of Congress, the Democrats, and the lapdog press. Glenn, you stand alone, heads above your fellow journalists. I have to ask again: Will you do the college circuit and speak directly to America's youth? We can only salvage the Constitution by growing the numbers of courageous journalists and by educating (as opposed to indoctrinating) youth. Again, thank you.

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Impressive article and background research, with sobering comparisons to past episodes of Congressional unconstitutional overreach.

This sums it up:

"This congressional committee is designed to be cathartic theater for liberals, and a political drama for the rest of the country...They have staffed the committee with their most flamboyant and dishonest drama queens."

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Very nice article! A couple thoughts:

1) The left really shot themselves in the foot with the most recent 'protest' in DC that looks like a mirror of 1/6. Clearly they had to re-start 'protesting' sooner or later, though.

2) Exaggerating 1/6 might be Biden's best move. Everything else that he's touching is turning to shit. Note that this still isn't even a GOOD move, only Biden's best possible move. What else is he going to run on?

3) It's cute how 'the resistance' doesn't understand how these laws will be turned on them as soon as they are no longer useful. I guess that's what makes them useful idiots!

OT4) I've gotten a couple emails about this, and yes I am banned from Twitter (for a 100% sarcastic comment!) and I have very little hope (or desire) to get back on. Thinking about starting up a substack instead.

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As soon as the previous administration, and in particular the CDC spokespeople who are still running the scam even as the prior administration is largely history, cast the policy responses to covid as a war, it became obvious they were lying about it, they were going to tell more lies about it, and they were going to use it as they use all their wars of choice; to enlarge their powers and their purses at the public's expense. (This is not to claim that there is no covid19 virus, or anything else of that nature; I have no reliable means of knowing and less interest in finding out. My target is elsewhere and my point aimed otherwise.)

In casting the Jan 6th events as an insurrection (weakest-ass fake FBI insurrection I ever saw, and that includes false flag attacks on the US that never happened at all, like Gulf of Tonkin) it likewise became obvious that this was following the same old script and for the very same reasons.

They are lying about it, they are going to tell more lies about it, and they are going to use those lies to enlarge their powers and their purses, both as ever at your expense.

While I value Glenn's legal expertise and passion for truth extremely highly and I value his civil liberties extremism even more highly, such that he is the only journalist I pay any consistent attention to, I do not trust any of the organs of government to ever tell the truth about events like this one. We are all going to be obliged to form our own opinions based on whatever hopefully-reliable information signal we can extract from the resounding noise of the full court press agents of the regnant oligarchy. This article is an excellent place to start.

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What American liberals seem to overlook or is the fact that many of their political opponents are discussing things considered unimaginable just a few years ago, as a result of things like this committee. As someone on the right, I can tell you that discussion of the breakup of the country is everywhere on the right at the moment, and with a seriousness that cannot be dismissed. There are strong movements to just cease participating in the system, to withdraw completely, to form alternative communities for people to turn to. If the right could find an effective spokesperson for these sentiments, I think it would create a tidal wave of support that the left could scarcely imagine. And because liberals now have become religious in their fervor for prosecution of their opponents, they ignore, in a self-righteous manner that is to their peril in my opinion, the counter-currents currently active on the other side.

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Having lost the war of ideas long ago, the sociopathic lunatics in the government & deep state understand that in order to survive as parasites, they must quash dissent. Best exemplified by the cowardly, crying rabbits in Congress on 1/6, when faced with the natural result of decades of abuse of the US population, they erect a safety fence to protect them from the consequences of their malpractice.

After 9/11, we had the opportunity to take a cold, hard look at what our government & intelligence services had created, resulting in all of those deaths. Instead, we listened to another idiot President, while waving our flags , spending the ensuing 20 years sowing death & destruction among one innocent population after another.

This apparatus we have funded since WW II has spawned a parasitical death cult which has now turned its sights firmly on US.

Like a parent, who has grown tired of Johnny’s temper tantrums, it’s time to recall what our country used to stand for and take out the belt.

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The Capitol Riot is being used as a Reichstag Fire excuse to suppress civil liberties of Democrats' opponents. Laundering free speech suppression through Big Tech doesn't change the fact that Democrats are suppressing opinions they don't like. Locking up political opponents indefinitely in solitary confinement for misdemeanor offenses is abuse of power. One inmate has been denied treatment for a broken hand, cruel an unusual punishment, while being held without bond or a speedy trial.

Intimidation is used openly to prevent 1/6 defendants from obtaining effective legal representation. The government has refused to release video evidence that could exonerate the defendants.

We no longer live in a free country.

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