The bigger issue at hand is the wildly differing ways in which the media covered Jan 6th vs. the "protesting" all summer long. For months, protest was healthy and American and should be encouraged. Now it's deadly insurrection that threatens America herself.

Those of us with brains in our heads see exactly what's happening.

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Great reporting, Glenn. I don't know how we survive this moment with such irresponsible journalism.

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This is as good time as any to give the following advice to fellow Americans: never ever believe anything your government and media says about the rest of the world.

It used to be that it was more truthful about events in the US itself, thereby "earning" trust by default. And the Americans duly extended that trust when that same media and government would report on the events elsewhere. Whereas all that info was either blatant lies to begin with, or skewed in such a way as to pursue some nefarious means.

And now they're not even embarrassed to blatantly lie about stuff right next door, which is more or less easily verifiable. Are you still going to trust them?

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The media love their "hands up don't shoot" propaganda, but they apparently hate investigative journalism. Why hasn't Sicknick's' autopsy been released? Why don't we know the name of the police officer who shot an unarmed woman? Why was there video of police allowing people into the Capitol Building. Regarding intel received prior to Jan. 6 about possible attacks, what did Nancy Pelosi know and when did she know it? Same goes for Mitch McConnell and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

How come Congress never got back to talking about election irregularities that were rather conveniently disrupted--never to be brought up again?

A cynic might see this whole thing as an orchestrated operation perpetrated by those who

know they could sucker enough Trump supporters into the Capitol to give Democrats and the media a patina of legitimacy to forever kill a nationalist movement and make clear to anyone who would dare to run on a nationalist platform going forward that they can expect the same treatment.

But the globalists would never do that--would they?

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I refuse to believe that these ̶j̶o̶u̶r̶n̶a̶l̶i̶s̶t̶s̶ media hacks are good but misguided people. What Glenn describes here is without question a concerted effort by their bosses to smear and inflame for political ends, and they are very enthusiastic team players to this end. There is clearly a conspiracy to defraud and disenfranchise the American people.

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It is cleat that propaganda has replaced journalism. The narratives get codified so quickly. The term insurrection was spread so quickly on January 6th that the fact that the legislators completed their work was an after thought. I find my liberal friends totally bought in on it; just as they have never really given up on the Russian hoax. They truly believe that they are armed with facts, and it is me who is mistaken. I feel I have an honest assessment of Trump, he is a jerk, egomaniac, and selfish at a world class level. He is not Hitler, as well as all the "ists" he has been call. Amoral, sure; dictator no. Trump broke media by telling something very true amongst many half truths; the elite do not care for middle America not because they supported Trump, but because they can't imagine holding the values they hold. They supported Trump because he didn't hate them. Trump is the symbol for all those people the elite do not understand, nor care to. The crisis of domestic terror is a made up tail to scare those people silent. The "journalists" pay no price for the disinformation they project the accusation on anyone who calls them out.

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We all know the truth folks, Sicnick died defending AOC from a hail of heavily armed fire extinguishers sent by Ted Cruz.

In all seriousness, the capitol riot was pretty nuts, but Glenn is right, it was just that, a riot by a bunch of naïve yahoos and it should be condemned. What makes me roll my eyes even more than people calling it an insurrection are the folks that sincerely believe we were close to a fascist coup, as if Andrews Airforce Base was the next to fall. Coming from a family who has actually lived through coups that the U.S. supported no less, this is a bit rich.

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I've recently been reading any and all news stories with the lens of "what are they trying to scare me about and why?"

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Politics is a broken god. Remain neutral, have kids, teach them how to recognize truth. Or not. But do what you can to find happiness on this broken earth. We've lied to ourselves thinking our freedom lies in how connected we are to the latest information. That information is lies, it's bankrupt. Be connected to people you trust and love. Make a life. That's how you win this. I'm honestly at a loss to how people can't do simple math and make connections...of why things are terrible these days, why their kids are depressed and not in school, why some people have been going to work, seeing their friends sending their kids to school and they're still locked away in fear, why their cities are burning, why the wealth gap is the way it is, the psychological warfare wrought on them day after day - can't they see it? Like why purposely sabotage yourself? I woke up in the aftermath of the BLM riots. What else will it take? After all this.

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Nice brave piece. Hope this sub stack gig continues to work for you. I’m afraid you will be persona non grata in the liberal establishment. Besides being inveterate liars, they are VERY unforgiving!!

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---What took place at the Capitol on January 6 was undoubtedly a politically motivated riot. ---

The question for me is *what* political faction orchestrated this "riot" and attempted to use it to incriminate Donald Trump. I'm no fan of Trump, and I did not vote for him (nor did I vote for Biden) but the motivation here just seems too obvious to ignore. It is clear to see who benefited, and not hard to connect the dots.

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Truth is the first casualty in war. And make no mistake, politicians and their media lapdogs are at war with both the people and the truth.

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This leaves me between a rock and a hard place. I read the NYT and WaPo among other things I've never watched Fox News.

But the Times in particular seems guilty of inflammatory writing based on shaky evidence that fueled similar stories. And was used as legal evidence.

When proven wrong, its correction was minimal.

And Tucker Carlson appears to be the voice of truth and caution--at least regarding this.

Rock and hard place.

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For those who want to make up their own minds, here is a 12 minute video from a New York Magazine reporter from inside the "capitol siege" It is a must watch.


To my eye, there was less violence and disorder than at a Black Friday shopping spree. Indeed the "rioters" were singularly respectful.

2:39 "Hey Let us through, We are peaceful citizens"

4:27 "Hey, get out of that chair"

"No, its our chair."

"I agree with you brothers but its not ours. It belongs to the Vice President of the United States, but he isn't here. Look, I love you guys, you're brothers, but we cant be disrespectful"

5:36 ( To the guy with the horns, who became the face of the "siege") :"Quit acting a fool!

Camera shot of the guy with horns with the only news photographer in sight taking nonstop photos only of the horned guy.

7:08 A police officer calmly waiting while the guy in the horns gets a selfie taken, then says, "Now that you have done that, can I get you guys to walk out of that room, please?"

"Yeah, Yes sir."

Very different than the media presentation!

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It is bad enough that media lying and distortion is commonplace. The fact that they shrug with indifference when called out demonstrates a level of cynical evil that’s hard to define, it almost requires its own word that hasn’t evolved in the language yet.

But an even lower rung on the ladder of evil goes to liberals who know the media is lying and distorting, shrug, and secretly wish they had gotten away with it. These are the same people who were upset when GG, among others, were questioning the suppression of the Hunter Biden story. They genuinely want to suppress truth to meet their ends. Whatever it takes.

We have reached a point at which a majority of liberals believe the ends justify the means to an extent that includes just about anything. If that’s what it takes for their guys to get or keep power, they are all for it.

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"Just remember, it's not a lie if you believe it"

- George Costanza

The MSM/tech companies/Wall Street/DC elites are all channeling their inner George Costanza. They obviously think if they continually repeat the same lies through the various media and social media platforms/channels, eventually we "prols" will believe them!

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